Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yankee Fan

When I was working, we had a transplanted new Yorker who just loved the Yankees.  He kept us posted on who was pitching each game, who was hot with a bat and who was sitting the bench and why.  He watched every game he could - even going up to NY in the evening for a game.  Of course, he had to leave work early if he wanted to go from DC to NY in time for a game.
Who’s pitching tonight?
Him? – Oh he’ll do alright
His curveball’s so tight
Yankee Fan

Be it Clemens, Mussina or Meyers
Pettitte, Rivera, Villone
He’s willing to bet on his pitcher
Especially if pitching at home

Jeater – now he’s really something
And A Rod – no equal is found
They cover the left in the infield
And Boy! How they cover that ground

Who’s pitching tonight?
Him? – Oh he’ll do alright
His fastball is so out of sight
Yankee Fan

Pin stripes are high fashion to him
Even fat guys look kind of slim
With the pants ending just at shin
In fashion they always win

He’s been in the House that Ruth Built
He’d sit there though heat made him wilt
He’s loyal without any guilt
He’s Yankee clean up to the hilt

Team roster? He knows every man
The batboy? He’ll name him – he can
This isn’t some fair weather fan
George Steinbrenner – yea – He’s da man

Who’s pitching tonight?
Him? – Oh he’ll do alright
His slider is simply a fright
Yankee Fan

Sure there’s work to be done by this evening
There are papers to read and to write
And it’s early but still he is leaving
The Yankees are playing tonight!

Who’s pitching today?
Doesn’t matter – no way
Yanks are playing hooray!
Yankee Fan!

Mdailey     6/29/07

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