Monday, September 20, 2010


Allen Pearson's pictures of clouds inspired this poem.

We sit and stare as clouds drift by
Moving pictures in the sky
Here and there a Teddy Bear
Drifting off to who knows where
All it takes - an open mind
Go see what other things you’ll find

Mdailey 9/18/10

Blue Shenandoah Morning

My friend Allen Pearson took this picture - I wrote the poem.
A Shenandoah morning
The fog still hugs the ground
The blue of sky reflected
In everything around
The fog, the hills, the valley
And even nearby trees
Are simply different hues of blue
I Love mornings like these

Mdailey 9/18/10

The Osprey

We had a pair of Osprey make a nest down the road from us.  They were the inspiration for this poem.  I started the poem, let it sit for awhile then added two new verses today.

A regal
Sea eagle
The Osprey
Who builds their nest high in the trees
With a beautiful view
Seen by so few
As they rest
In their nest
In the breeze.

They’ll be seen floating by
High in the sky
Over an Ocean Ridge pond
Then drop from the sky
Like a missile they’ll fly
For this dish of a fish they are fond

To their nest they’ll retreat
With a fish in their feet
To share with the young in their nest
Then it’s back on a limb
Both the her and the him
To enjoy a well needed rest

Mdailey 7/3/10 – 9/20/10

Duck Calls

If you are a hunter, you know all about duck calls and duck stamps.  If you want to shoot ducks you have to purchase a duck stamp.  Well, a few years ago there was a little problem with the phone number published in all the federal regulations and websites.  Instead of a government office, people calling a federal phone number to order duck stamps were instead greeted by a phone-sex line because of a printing error the government says would be too expensive to correct. Duck stamps are required to hunt migratory waterfowl and that year’s stamps feature a pair of pintail ducks.
Here is the conversation that might have taken place back then.  WARNING - this is not a PC poem.

I was calling to get a few duck stamps
I got a young girl on the line
I said I was hoping for pintails
She said she could get me that kind
I told her I did not want to lick them
I want the kind sticky on back
She said that was rather an odd call
But she’d find someone with just that knack
I told her that I was a novice
And this was my first real hunt
She said to sit back and enjoy it
She had everything I’d ever want
I asked would it be check or credit
She said credit was all they would take
I gave her my number and waited
But I must have made some mistake
She started to talk real dirty
And by dirty, I mean real DIRT
I hung up the phone in a hurry
I hope the girl’s feelings weren’t hurt

So maybe I won’t go duck hunting
As I had originally planned
I’ve got beavers I ought to take care of
In my stream that they recently dammed



With football season now in full swing and basketball not far behind, I thought it good to give Denver it's due.  When the upgraded their stadiums a few years back, they had the ladies comfort in mind.
In Denver the women have spoken
They won themselves more than a token
They have twice the seating
Whenever they’re meeting
The old one-for-one ratio’s been broken

We’re not talking about seats on the floor
But those behind closed restroom doors
They chose to consider
The “stander” - the “sitter”
And how long it takes for those chores

The women had power to wield
And in Denver the builders did yield
They didn’t encumber
Gals by the number
Of rest rooms at Invesco Field

And girls when they enter
The new Pepsi Center
Have less waiting when their nature calls
They took into account
Your attire and amount
Of time you take in restroom stalls.

So gals quit your griping
Your digs and your sniping
To your wishes we have requisted
You have plenty of room
To relieve or to groom
At the convention you should be well rested


Talk Like a Pirate

It was national "Talk like a Pirate" day and I had to wirite about it.
Me parrots on shoulder
Me hooks on my wrist
Me legs an old peg
You get the gist
Shiver me timbers
ARRGG – come aboard
I’ll tell you the secret
Of my pirate hoard
If you can’t keep the secret
Off the plank you will walk
For I’m a believer
In walking the talk
And speaking of talking
I’ve just this to say
It’s National “Talk
Like a Pirate” today.

Mdailey 9/19/10