Monday, August 30, 2010


This feels like a good to post a couple of sport related poems.  We have a newcomers group down here that gets together once a month to bowl.  You never know who you will bowl with and it is all in fun.  I have bowled very little in my life but have tried it now that I am retired.
Bowling’s just bowling
Unless it’s with us
Then bowling is bowling
A bit more robust
It’s an evening with friends
And sharing your story
And when bowling’s done
You can bask in the glory
Of seeing your name
In the overhead light
And improving your game
And it’s all in one night
Oh, it doesn’t matter
What you finally score
It isn’t the scoring
That you go there for
No, you go there for friendship
You go there for fun
And when bowling is over
Your evening’s not done
We’re all going out
For a drink and a bite
That’s Newcomers’ bowling
On fabulous night

Mdailey 6/3/10

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