Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Face is Like a Furnace

We were at dinner the other day with friends and the talk came around to menopause.  and then someone ( I don't think it was me) said I had a poem on it so I had to dig this one out and share it with them.

My face is like a furnace
And so I start to fan
Then just when I am cooling off
The heat comes on again
I have buttons to unbutton
I want to take things off
Then I realize, I’m still at work
My co-workers all will scoff
So once again I fan myself
My arms now get so tired
I’ve explained this to my doctor
She said my warranty’s expired
As a woman’s age increases
The temperatures she’s getting
Fluctuates from hot to cold
And really is upsetting
So the covers I will kick off
And in private clothes are shed
To cool the raging furnace
That is not just in my head
We women bring life into the world
What does that privilege earn us
Hormones that with age break down
And a face just like a furnace

Mdailey     04/27/09

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