Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our New House

We finally completed the building of our new house and I wrote this poem about the experience.  Please keep in mind that I have adopted various traits of the poetic license I maintain.  some things are streteched - some are diminished.  All lines have a grain of truth to them but everything is written tongue-in-cheek.  This poem may not be completely factual.

If you’ve got a marriage
That you think is strong
Just build your own house
I mean, what could go wrong
Well, listen my friend
And heed my advice
That angel you married
Might not be that nice
There are so many decisions
That you’ll have to make
And no matter your choices
She’ll say that’s a mistake
Oh, she’ll tell you she loves you
And she values your thoughts
But will question decisions
As each thing is bought
It’s not that I’m perfect
There is room to improve
But I’m not second guessing
Each move after move.
She’ll ask does this counter
Go with this faucet – this sink?
Is this color too dark?
Dear, what do you think?
She’ll drag you around
To sub-contractors each day
But won’t really care
What you have to say
She has final control
Of what isn’t – what is
Then complains to her friends
“This house is all his.
Let’s put in shutters
No – let’s put in blinds.
Let’s change the colors
That’s dull – but that shines.
I think that the floor
Should be shiny – no flat!
And how bout this chair,
Does this go with that?
We have to buy mirrors
But your choice is too round
I went antique hunting
Dear, look what I found.
Let’s take that one back
Can’t you find the receipt?”
And day after day
It’s repeat and repeat
Now the house is complete
And I’m pleased as can be
But I don’t think my angel
Is speaking to me
Oh, I’m not that worried
And you too will find
She’ll come back around
Once she changes her mind


Mdailey 8/2/10

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