Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching Up

I have just posted about a dozen poems that I had previously posted on facebook.  Once through the new posts of 20 July, you will find poems that have not been posted anywhere else.

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Selling Off Roy Rogers

this is another poem first published on facebook on the day the auction was announced.

They’re selling off Roy Rogers
His stuff is Christie’s bound
They had moved it all to Branson
Now they’ve shut the museum down
You know they stuffed old Trigger
Then Bullet was stuffed too
They didn’t stuff Roy Rogers
They heard it was taboo
And even Dale’s sweet Buttercup
Is on the auction block
Someone may want them in their den
And there’s other stuff in stock
Remember how Pat Brady
Chased Roy in Nellybelle
Well that jeep’s now on sale
You can bid on that as well
Or how bout Roy’s cowboy boots
They’re bronzed – about $4 grand
And pictures of our Roy and Dale
Taken on their land
And if you’re into baseball
Roy had signed balls
By many Hall of famers
In shelves upon his walls
If you want a piece of Roy
Or the horse he rode in on
Get your bids somehow to Christie’s
Before the stuff is gone

Happy Trails to you
Until we meet again

Mdailey 7/13/10

Astronaut: Aliens Are Real

Well, the conspiracy had to crack sometime. Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut on Apollo 14 and the sixth man to walk on the moon, told Kerrang Radio that we're not alone in the universe and the government knows all about it.

I tell you they’re real
My mind’s sharp and clear
They’re real and unearthly
And they’ve landed right here
I’ve been to the moon
And I know what I’m saying
I’ve been down in Roswell
And I know where they’re staying
I’ve been on the inside
The few who - - - well, knew
Real contacts been made
The stories are true
The Air Force and NASA
Want to keep under cover
The fact that their aircraft
At times sit and hover
Or follow our planes
And cruise by our space station
And they’ve done it for years
Maybe since the creation
And I’ll tell the whole story
And raise quite a racket
If I can get out of
This frickin straight jacket

By Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14)
Mdailey    07/31/08


July 14 is the anniversary of the sale of Budweiser Beer to one of the big European beer companies.

America’s lost a great Icon
We sold Busch, our own “king of Beers”
An American tradition been ended
That lasted for one fifty years
St. Louis is feeling love lost
The senior Busch spins in his grave
But the 52 billion they offered

Caused the Busch family owners to cave
Not sure how this will impact the beer taste
Not sure that we’ll notice the change
But Bud’s now a foreign domestic
A non-sequitur title quite strange

Mdailey   07/14/08

Advice from Uncle Mike

Posted on facebook when the weather turned hot.

The current wet bulb globe temperature
Is 93.5
A reading where the experts say
It’s hard just to survive
Their warnings start at 82
And end at 88
If you’re outside at 93
It probably is too late
Avoid outside activities
Don’t work out in the sun
And if you’ve any brains at all
Don’t stay out there for fun
Find someplace air conditioned
While we’re saddled with this spike
Be safe, stay in, stay cool
That’s advice from Uncle Mike

Mdailey     06/10/08

Billions of Dollars

Defense Department cannot fully account for $7.8B spent in Iraq By Dan Friedman CongressDaily May 22, 2008. that was the headline a couple of years ago.  This week we had almost the same headline but for Afaganastan and the money has gone up.

We’ve paid Billions of Dollars out there in Iraq
Billions of dollars we’ll never get back
Billions of dollars whose papers we lack
Billions of dollars they say
Billions of dollars for service and goods
Billions of dollars of what ifs and coulds
Billions of dollars in bad neighborhoods
Billions of dollars they say

We’ve got guys out there toting suitcases of cash
Handing out money both ruthless and rash
Money that’s going away in a flash
Billions of dollars they say

And we haven’t got paperwork to back up these buys
Haven’t got paperwork to explain whats and whys
Haven’t got paperwork from none of these guys
Billions of dollars they say

The GAO IG just threw up his hands
Threw out the cases, threw out the plans
Billions, like water thrown out on the sands
Billions of dollars they say

Are there steps being taken to stem this cash flow
Steps being taken to soften the blow
Steps being taken (the answer is NO)
Billions of dollars they say

Mdailey    05/23/08


When given a copy of a report on collecting methane gas from cows as a renewable source of energy, one of our action officers mentioned that - - - As a mater of fact, I was involved in a similar project about 15 years ago, although we were using chicken shit and pig shit. Lots of that in Eastern shore and N. Carolina. World wasn't ready for the project, which we imported from the UK, and it died. No support from Corporate or Ag department, although did get a grant from state of West Virginia, and installed a pilot project there for $300k which rapidly turned into a $1.2M project and that's why Corp pulled the plug. And in true real business fashion, all parties involved except me were "let go" after squandering $900k dollars of profit.

Be it cow, pig or chicken
A poop pile will thicken
When left out too long in the sun
As the crap decomposes
It makes one supposes
Just what all these gasses could run
Well it seem our own Jack
Has knowledge and knack
On research that's already done
So it's obvious to me
He's our Poop Pile POC
For in crap, he is second to none!

Golden Glaze Donuts

I posted this on facebook when a lot of the St. Joe folks said that Golden Glaze donuts were better than the Krispy Kreme glazed I had written about a day ago.

All though I’ve been gone for many a days
I fondly recall those great Golden Glaze
Warm from the oven; they melt on your tongue
Oh, to be back there with donuts (and young)
Though I haven’t had them for ages it seems
My pallet for Golden Glaze donuts still screams
And I only taste them in my fondest dreams
Till back in St. Joe, I’ll eat glazed Krispy Kremes.

Mdailey 7/16/10

Raleigh – we have a problem

As part of state energy laws, electrical power companies are required to generate nearly 0.1% of North Carolina’s total retail electricity sales from swine waste by 2012.

Raleigh, we have a problem - our pigs are contributing poop
But none of it generates power that enters our energy loop
The pigs do their best, to do what you ask
From the smell of the farms, they are good at the task
But the holdup’s converting to burnable gas
Raleigh, we have a problem

So what do you do when the law says you must
Produce saleable energy from poop or go bust
Maybe pigs aren’t the answer and you have to adjust
Raleigh, do we have a problem

If it’s power you want from new energy sources
You have to throw in all the cows and the horses
That is if the House and Senate endorses
Raleigh, do we have a problem

Or maybe you’d better just turn to the hills
Where folks in the state have perfected the skills
Of producible burnable fuel from stills
Raleigh, do we have a problem

Mdailey 7/16/10

As part of state energy laws, electrical power companies are required to generate nearly 0.1% of North Carolina’s total retail electricity sales from swine waste by 2012.

California Cows Start Passing Gas to the Grid

I posted this on facebook the other day but facebook posts seem to go away after awhile so I am reposting this here.

Imagine a vast vat of liquid
Covering 5 football fields
33 feet deep in manure
Think of the energy yields

When big piles are seen
Of manure all green
Most people just see piles of crap
But if truth be told
It's a pile of pure gold
When you siphon off gasses you trap

On a dairy farm in Golden State
Experts on gas sit and wait
They push poop in a hole
Cover it like a bowl
And just let the gas ruminate

With nearly 2 million cows in this far western state
You have to admit the potential is great
Just getting these cows to be hole-potty trained
Will yield a great deal of cow-poop methane

And the methane gas gathered this way
Can be sold to the grid so they say
So the smell's not quite honey
It's the smell of good money
And we've finally made gas passing pay

So that's what this company did
With some cows and a hole with a lid
With a scoop and a scrub
And this gigantic tub
Cows are now passing gas to the Grid

Mdailey   03/05/08

Red Lights Turn Green

I just read an article in the Audubon magazine on how a brothel in Berlin, Germany’s red light district is going green by offering a five-euro discount (about $7 American) to any client that arrives via bike or public transportation and can prove it with a helmet, lock, or valid ticket. The incentive is bringing in 3-5 new clients daily as well as decreasing traffic congestion in the area.
Red lights have gone dim on their street
And the girls have few patrons to greet
They must get the hoi polloi
To the things they enjoy
If they’re going to make both ends meet
To battle economy blues
A brothel in Berlin did choose
To give a discount
To those who did mount
A bike just to get to their muse

The bikers’ reaction was quick
Every Tom, every Harry and Dick
Now the red light’s turned green
And success can be seen
The incentive is turning the trick

Mdailey 7/18/10

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Believe in Angels

Hello - anyone out there reading these?  Please let me know.

I believe in angels
My mom was one I swear
She raised a loving family
With tender love and care
She wasn’t always perfect
But few have ever been
But I believe in angels
For I saw one glow within

I believe in angels
I even married one
Until the day I met her

My life was just ho-hum
But once she said she loved me
My life began again
So I believe in angels
For I’ve seen one glow within

I believe in angels
I saw one just today
Sleeping in her mother’s arms
In a most angelic way
She hasn’t got her wings yet
But when I see her grin
I so believe in angels
For I see the glow within

Angels are around us
If you open up your eyes
They’re not the kind with big wings
That just hovers in the skies
They simply walk among us
So why not on a whim
Look around for angels
You’ll see them glow within

Mdailey 6/19/10

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Say What?

Speaking of the new immigration laws like the one just put in place in Arizona -  here is a poem I wrote a year or so ago to try to put into understanding a blurb I read on what the feds wanted to do to a previous law on the books.  first is the blurb then what I think it was really saying...
DHS seeks approval on employment verification rule fix By Kasie Hunt, CongressDaily
The Homeland Security Department made changes this week to rules governing how employers must respond when a worker provides employment information that does not match government records, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said today. The changes are designed to address the concerns of Judge Charles Breyer of San Francisco, who last year blocked the department's no-match program -- an initiative that would open companies employing illegal immigrants to criminal prosecution if they receive a no-match letter from the government. Chertoff said the department will take the new rules back to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and ask Breyer to lift the injunction. "This week, I signed the final rule that revises the original rule and addresses the issues that the court raised," Chertoff said. "We will ask the court to lift the injunction and let us proceed with implementation of the rule."

I read this news article and loved the gobbledygook way they tried to explain what they did. I still do not completely understand what was said and I probably got it all wrong but I loved playing with their words. Again – sorry it is not very PC

I signed the rule
That revised the tool
That addressed all the issues raised
We must lift the injunction
That impedes the function
That Homeland Security praised
And those paperwork shirkers
With illegal workers
Will not be subjected to fines
And the wet-back Hispanic
Do not need to panic
When standing in employment lines
To solve illegal migration
We as a nation
Must go back to Congress once more
And ask that our border
Be brought back to order
And end it with a “Por Favor”.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thinking of You

Here is another poem I wrote for my wife that she has yet to see.  I wonder how long it will be before she stumbles on this or one of you tell her to check out my blog. As you can see by the date, I wrote it quite some time ago but never found the right time or place to give it to my wife.   I like to post things like this every once in a while just to see if anyone at all is reading them and if they are, do they share them with anyone else - to include my wife.

I lie in bed thinking of you
About how much I love you
Was it love at first sight
That gets renewed every night
I lie in bed thinking of you

We were young and fool hardy
Thinking life was just a party
Didn’t know it would last
That was way in the past
When we were young and fool hardy

I found me a treasure
So much I couldn’t measure
We’ve been through thick and thin
And I would do it all again
Cause I found me a treasure

I lie in bed thinking of you
About how much I love you
Was it love at first sight
That gets renewed every night
I lie in bed thinking of you

Mdailey 8/31/09

Border Crossings

With the advent of the new Arizona law, the subject of borders and the crossing thereof is back in the news.
"Every person in Congress has an idea of how we can secure our border." "Some say, 'Well, all we have to do is build a fence.' At first they wanted to do a 10-foot fence. Now it's 16 feet. Now people come with a 17-foot ladder. So somebody said, 'Well, why don't we put a moat around it and rebuild it and put alligators in it, and that will make it more secure." 
Of course I had to weigh in with my thoughts on the subject as well.

Border Crossings

We’ve got a border to secure
To keep bad folks out I’m sure
But a fence it must endure repeated breechings
And every him and her
In Congress with a cure
Says our plans are immature and keep on screeching
A 10 foot fence is no deterrent
Sixteen’s the thinking current
But bring a ladder and that’s all she wrote
So maybe alligators
Water too high for hip-waders
We’re thinking maybe we should build a moat

So let’s just build the fence in pairs
In between we’ll stuff with bears
Who’ll scare off most and eat up all the rest
And electrify the wire
Turn the power each day higher
Survival of the fittest at its best
So what’s each mile going to cost?
The calculations all been lost
But they say they’re going to figure out the bill
It started out at three
But grew from there you see
The latest number’s something like 6 Mil

And 6 million for each mile
Will add up after while
I mean the border’s 700 miles long
But that’s just the Southern fence line
We’ve a North one to build in kind
Can’t we see that something has gone wrong?
Just what are we protecting?
What lose are we projecting
And every day the cost just seems to double
No matter what we do or say
They’ll get across them anyway
Why should we even go to all this trouble?


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A John Named George

Did you ever notice that once someone big leaves political office, someone in each state finds something to name after that person.  Some of the proposals are right on the money and so very appropriate.  Here is one that some might question while others applaud.

Movement to Rename Sewage Plant After Bush Gains Steam in San Francisco  ~ A renegade voter movement to rename a San Francisco Sewage Plant after President Bush is flush with support - -

As Presidents go, this one has been blessed
With grassroots support from the guys in the West
They want to highlight the highs of his former reign
By putting his name on their State-of-Art drain
They want this on a ballot and expect it to pass
This movement is fluid, this movement has gas
“This makes every toilet a shrine to George Bush
A salute to the man with each plant of your tush”
Affluent – effluent, both linked to his rule
Which better describes him, the tool or the stool?
Insult or praise from the Looney-bin folks
It will go on the ballot, will it get enough votes?
While his pundits don’t describe him as dapper
Can we still put his name on this San Fran crapper?
The sewage plant owners get the joke so they say
They just wish this movement could just slip away
They know there’ll be rumblings but they don’t want to stain
This man’s contributions with his name on their drain


Monday, July 12, 2010

Marble David

Before you read this poem, bare in miind that I have and use my poetic license when I write these things.  That means I may occassionally imbellish the truth or diminish the truth, depending on the entertainment quotient I am seeking.  I do not write to enlighten you or educate you, I write to give you something to think about or discuss.  so here is one of my latest.  If you are reading this, drop me a live via facebook or my email as I have come to the conclusion that no one reads these blogs anymore.


I think about that statue
That Michelangelo sculped
And when I look in a mirror
I see David and I gulped
Oh, I could have been the model
When old Mike sculped him
You add a muscle here or there
And sculp me a little trim
You might think that it’s all ego
Sure, I’ll admit to some
But me and marble David
Where alike when I was young
I’ve even got the pose down
And I think it do it well
Compare we two in silhouette
There’s no difference you can tell
Face-to-face, he’s somewhat taller
In feet – he’s seventeen
And there’s bound to be some differences
In parts you haven’t seen
But me and marble David
Are so very much alike
If I had been around back then
He’d have named it Marble Mike

Mdailey 7/11/10

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Ring

I don't believe my wife reads this blog on any regular basis so let's see how long it takes her to find this poem written for her.  It will probably take one of you more regular readers to alert her to the fact that there is a new poem written for her.  Which one of you will do it?????

I wear a ring on my left hand
It helps define just who I am
Husband, lover, counselor, friend
And like I said “Till death doth end”
Day or night, it’s like a brand
I wear a ring on my left hand

Oh, I’ve had my share of life’s flirtations
Traveling across this nation
Girls in clubs or at the bar
Wondering just who you are
But I’m not into one night stands
I wear a ring on my left hand

There was a time before the ring
Like other guys, I had my flings
I’d meet a girl I thought was hot
Without a thought I’d take a shot
Then came one I hadn’t planned
I wear a ring on my left hand

She slipped into my very heart
And we both knew right from the start
There comes a time to settle down
When at last true love is found
And for my love I took this stand
I wear a ring on my left hand

Mdailey 5/12/10