Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gator Rules

The newest edition of the Ocean Ridge Newsletter just came out and it had an article on aligators sighted in OR.  It also had one of my gator poems in it.  But I decided that the newsletter did not tell the complete story on how to react to gators seen within the plantation so I wrote the following and had it sent out to all the residents via an internal distribution system.

Please don’t feed the gators
They eat enough as is
Though they may look real peaceful
They’ll gladly eat your kids
Save your crumbs for seagulls
Or turtles by the pools
But please don’t feed the gators
It’s so against the rules.

And golfers, while we’re at it
Don’t poke them with your clubs
That might just sound like fun to you
Ah, but here’s the rub
They’re quicker than you think they are
Don’t poke the resting giant
You might end up a mid-day snack
Come on guys, be compliant

Mdailey 8/2/10

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