Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long Hot Summer

Based on reactions I got from the last two poems - I felt obliged to write one more on the subject.  Maybe I should just do a whole booklet on the subject.  I think I have about a half a dozen poems on it by now.  What do you think?

The Doc says there’s no rhyme or reason
For my wife’s long “summer season”
It started many years ago
She fears it still has years to go
Her hormone levels are near normal
Her clothes at home grow more informal
With the AC blasting out cold air
She’s burning like a roadside flare
No matter what the time of year
When little beads of sweat appear
She picks up anything that’s flat
And tries to fan herself with that
So now her shoulder’s sore from fanning
She even gave up summer tanning
It’s hard to look cool and collected
While burning up like she’s infected
She says her thermostat is broken
In words that I have seldom spoken
She says I should be understanding
It comes across more like demanding
But even as I duck for cover
I can’t help but think I love her
So even if her temp gets steeper
I still think I’ll likely keep her

Mdailey 8/16/10

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