Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute

I wrote another Memorial Day poem this week.  With Memorial Day coming up on Monday, I thought I would post 4 or 5 of my Memorial Day poems in hopes that all of you would read them, share them with friends, and think about your own family and how it has been impacted by soldiers through out its history.  Please let me know what you think of any of the poems.


Memorial Day

On Memorial Day
When flags are unfurled
And families are gathered
All over the world
To honor the soldiers
That laid down their lives
Our brothers, our sisters
Our husbands, our wives
So freedom could flourish
And liberty reign
A day we should nourish
And need never explain
Stand proud for the Air Force
The Navy, the Corps
The Army, the Coast Guard
Who’ve all gone to war
And for all of our soldiers
Still standing to serve
For this is the day
They so richly deserve

Mdailey 5/26/10

To Touch a Fallen Comrade

I had this first line in my head one evening and could not get it out.  When that happens, I have to work my way through a lot of thoughts until I come up with something that I can put down on paper that lets me get the first lines out of my head.

To touch a fallen comrade and find his life line strong
Will form a lasting bond that lingers on and on
You’ll find your heart is beating as if it’s lost in song
To touch a fallen comrade and find his life line strong

To touch a fallen comrade and find his life is gone
To be there as he passes into the great beyond
You’ll find your heart is beating but something feels all wrong
To touch a fallen comrade and find his life is gone

Let’s say a prayer for soldiers so they can all hold on
And maybe prayers will help them when everything goes wrong
You’ll find your heart is beating and keeping spirits strong
Let’s say a prayer for soldiers before they all are gone

Let us all now bow our heads
Or go down on bended knee
And pray our Lord will grant us
This soldier’s fervent plea
Lord, keep your eye on soldiers
Wherever they might be
Fighting for their country
Setting people free
Guide their hands and hearts Lord
So they can follow thee
Lord, touch these fallen comrades
And give them heaven’s key
Keep your eyes on soldiers
Wherever they might be

Mdailey     04/27/09

Daddy’s Coming Home

I really don't remember what led me to write this poem.  Probably something I heard or read that triggered a line or two and then I just had to finish the thought.

My Daddy’s coming home, he promised Mom and me
He told us not to worry; he was safe as he could be
He’ll wear his vest and helmet and stay out of the crowd
My Daddy’s in the Army and he serves his country proud
It’s just another tour he said like the ones before
My Daddy’s coming home some day but today he is at war

We didn’t hear from Daddy, though he said he’d call each day
My Mommy said don’t worry but let’s kneel down and pray
We thank God for our Daddy and to keep him safe and warm
Like he did the last time and back in Desert Storm
We tell God that we love him and that all we’re praying for
Is Daddy coming someday but today he is at war

We haven’t heard from Daddy; it seems for quite a while
We still kneel down and pray for him but Mommy’s lost her smile
Friends keep coming over and they pray with her too
My Mommy looks so tired and sad; I don’t know what to do
Today my Mom was crying when she hung up the phone
She said that was the Army and their sending Daddy home

I said let’s pray for Daddy and knelt down by her side
She didn’t help me with the words; she just knelt down and cried
I knew something had happened but I was scared to ask
I asked God to take over; he handles all those tasks
Then I got this funny feeling, my Daddy’s not alone
He’s with some fallen soldiers and God’s bringing them back home

My Daddy’s going home today like he promised Mom and me
Home to be with Jesus for all eternity

Mdailey    02/23/09

A Little Hill in Arlington

I wrote this following a ceremony at Arlington Cemetary for my father.  He went missing in action back in 1950 ir 51 and nothing was ever found of his plane and crew.  No tombstone had ever been erected and no memorial ever conducted that we know of.  My sister found out that Arlington had a hill side set aside for markers for those soldiers lost but never recovered.  It is a very personal poem but one that I believe others can find some comfort in.

There’s a little hill in Arlington
Where no bodies are interred
Yet crosses dot the hillside
And Taps are sometimes heard
Unlike the Unknown Soldier
With “unknowns” in the ground
This little hill in Arlington
Is for soldiers never found
I grew up without a father
He was gone when I was four
Flying for the Air Force
Back in the Korean War
His plane was ore’ the Azores
When communications ceased
The search went on for days and days
They never found a piece
My mother raised four children
Each day she learned to cope
She said until a body’s found
We’d never give up hope
The years went by just waiting
And my mother, bless her soul
Held on until her very end
To a grieving widow’s role
For fifty years we children
Had no resting place for Dad
No gravesite and no marker
No closure ever had
Then on little hill in Arlington
Where no bodies are interred
We raised a simple white cross
Dad’s Taps were finally heard
My big sister got the folded flag
And we all shed the tears
That had been bottled up inside us
For all those fifty years
Now Dad, he has a resting place
With other fallen sons
On a quiet little hillside
Right here in Arlington

Mdailey    01/27/09

America’s Greatness

While driving through the gate to work at Fort Belvoir, VA last year, someone on the radio was talking about Washington and how America’s greatness was captured in marble and stone. About that time, I encountered a group of young soldiers jogging along the main road on post and thought to myself that America’s greatness was not in marble and stone.  This poem was published in the Fort Belvoir weekly newspaper a few weeks later.  It was the first poem I ever had published.

America’s greatness is not marble or stone
But the soldier who’s willing to stand all alone
Out on their post with weapon in hand
Protecting the people of this great land
America’s greatness wears Army Green
Or the clothes of a sailor, Air Force or Marine
Their background is Asian, Hispanic or Black
Mixed or Caucasian they all have your back
And they’ll take their position and they’ll hold their ground
Protecting your life and all those around
For America’s greatness is not marble or stone
But the soldier who’s ready to lay down his own

Mdailey     02/17/09

Standing in Arlington

This is one of my newest Memorial Day poems.  It was inspired by the rows and rows of tombstones in Arlington Cemetary.  I hope you like it and share it with your friends.

They stand there in silence
Regardless of rank
Far from their aircraft,
Ship or their tank
They stand in formation
Row upon row
Unmoved by the presence
Of wind, rain or snow
They stand on the hillsides
They stand in the field
In numbers so large
All the ground is concealed
They stand there for justice
For freedom they call
They represent soldiers
Who gave us their all

We stand tall and proud
For all those who served
We give them the honors
They richly deserved
We stand in respect
While the flag is displayed
When it’s handed to loved ones
Far off Taps are then played
We stand there in silence
And in silence request
The Lord take them home
Now we’ve laid them to rest

Mdailey 12/11/09

The US Army was founded on 14 June 1775

Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Back on Track

I have not been posting poems as well as I should so tonight I sat down at the computer and posted about a half dozen poems that had been shared either through facebook or e-mails.  Scroll down and see what you might have missed.  And by the way, I could use some new followers.  I have been stuck on 17 for the longest time now - shirly there is someone else out there that reads these but has not signed up as a follower.



As a thank you to the folks at Margaritaville, I wrote then another poem - on-the-house.  And before anyone calls me on it - I know the shoping center is Broadway at the Beach, not the other way around but that is where my poetic license comes in handy.  I get to rearrange facts and names to make the rhythm and rhym work.

A right lively place
When the hurricane blows
With burgers and beer
And cool videos
Of Jimmy B. singing
Bout life on the keys
And the staff doing back flips
Just trying to please
Today I had lunch
At Jimmy B’s “ville”
If it weren’t for commitments
I’d be sitting there still
Carolina Cheeseburger
Was featured today
At Margaritaville
At the Beach at Broadway
With pimento cheese
And jalapeƱo for heat
Twas my burger of choice
And a masterful treat
And I couldn’t help thinking
After I’d had my fill
I couldn’t do better
Than Margraitaville

Mdailey 5/20/10

National Burger Days

This became my first paying poem when the corporate management at Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett's resturant chain) read it on Jimmy's facebook and offered me a free lunch.  It ended up being lunch for both Pat and I and a couple of free T-shirts thrown in on-the-house.

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”
Lettuce, pickle, mustard or have it your own way
It’s hamburgers I’m craving; it’s hamburgers I seek
And not because I just found out, it’s National Burger Week
No I just crave a hot one; one right off the grill
In a bun so soft and tender, it makes my taste buds thrill
Be it Cheeseburger in Paradise or plain old Mickey D’s
I’ll take it any way it’s served; I’m a burger devotee

I checked and I’m mistaken; I got the tribute wrong
It doesn’t start until this May and lasts the whole month long

Mdailey 4/13/10

How Much Water Does it Take?

Another poem about water but not flooding this time.  Just the thought that with Spring comes a renewed effort to diet and the false hope that simply dieting will get rid of the pounds and inches you have added throughout the year.

Yogurt and water,
A palate’s delight
But how much of each,
What amount is just right?
And cottage cheese diets
Have come to a halt
You retain too much water,
It must be the salt.
And can you eat fruit;
Say at 10, 2, and 8
Add that all up,
Will that lose the weight?
Panacea’s not diet,
You’d think they would learn
You want to lose weight;
It’s the calories you burn
Get off your fat butt,
Get down to the gym
That works for the her,
That works for the him
Its exercise folks,
Not just what’s in your meals
Anything less;
You’re just spinning your wheels

Mdailey  05/05/08


With the flooding in Nashville, I decided to find this poem on floods and what it does to someone.

The rivers are up
The levees are down
Gotta move on before we all drown
Rain keeps on falling
Sick of that sound
Gotta move on before we all drown
Piling up sandbags
Still losing ground
Gotta move on before we all drown
Taking our farm land
Flooding our town
Gotta move on before we all drown
Exhausted and beat
No hope to be found
Gotta move on before we all drown
Livestock let loose
Round up the old hound
Gotta move on before we all drown
Close up the place
One last look around
Gotta move on before we all drown
Me and the family
Don’t know where we’re bound
Gotta move on before we all drown
Gotta move on before we all drown
Gotta move on before we all drown
Gotta move on before we all drown

Mdailey     06/23/08

Mother's Day

A mother is a mother
If she’s yours or if she’s not
And a mother’s earned your lovin
And friends they’ve earned a lot

So if it’s Mother’s Day
Or any other day of the year
They’re getting all my lovin
For I love you – Mothers Dear

Mdailey  05/11/07

Flat Busted

With the latest Miss USA just completed and of course another scandle brewing, I thought I would remind everyone of what happened last year (I think it was last year)

There once was a gal
From old southern Cal
Whose pageantry life went to hell
When she gave her impression
Of the gay-marriage question
And the protesting started to swell

Harassed and abused
Obligations refused
They wanted to take it all back
Give to somebody else
The fame and the wealth
For she was in breach of contract

But there’s one other wrinkle
You’ll laugh till you tinkle
They had given her other enhancements
Her chest grew a bit
And they paid for it

Now they claim it was just an advancement
So they’re suing her
For all costs and two-per
And they ask that she be readjusted
So in more ways than one
When it’s all said and done
Our gal just might end up flat-busted!

Mdailey 10/23/09

Poetic License

Recently people have been asking about poetic license and why I use that when explaining some parts of my poetry.  I thought I would set everyone straight by explaining just what poetic license meant to me.

Lately folks been asking bout
This license that I got
That lets me wax poetic
And I do wax a lot
It’s given out to writers
Who write other than prose
Like limericks and Cherihews
And rhyming things like those
Who don’t care if a particle
Is dangling or not
Or if a subject follows verb
Or calls a pan a pot
This license allows us writers
A distortion of the facts
Or alteration of good grammar
Though some folks call us hacks
We write at our discretion
And hope you tolerate our view
We use it to fill in the gaps
Leave the meanings up to you
We add non-existing details
And exaggerate the truth
At times we write with tongue in cheek
And come across uncouth
This license lets us say things
We wouldn’t say out loud
Or maybe things we don’t believe
We are truly not highbrowed
It lets us be offensive
When offence makes you think
It lets us do most anything
Till we run out of ink
It’s the rhythm of the writing
Iambic pentameter
That separates the licensed
From the lowly amateur
But don’t go down to City Hall
This license is inbred
It comes when you just open up
The thoughts within your head
Mdailey 5/17/10

Eating Jiminy Cricket

Just the Cricket: Eating Insects is Good for Us and for the Environment, Scientist Claim

Eating bugs in Europe and in the USA
On purpose is unthought-of, it’s strictly not OK
You look into its beady eyes, you see into its soul
Your brain relays a message, your gut looses control
You get the heeby-jeebies, your belly goes flip-flop
And before you even know it, you’re looking for a mop
But in the Asian countries and Africa I’m told
They eat their bugs all fried up, at times they eat them cold
Bug farming preserves forests and is encouraged all the time
To kill off bugs with pesticides in some countries is a crime
The experts see the irony, to save the crops we kill
These protein bearing insects – good food to fill the bill
And some will even argue we’d be better off in time
To let bugs eat our grain crops - then on the bugs we dine
But Pixar and Walt Disney have solidified our view
We can’t be eating critters that act like me and you.

I have a lively conscience that tells me right from wrong
Sometimes he whispers quietly – sometimes bursts into song
He looks just like Jiminy Cricket that Walt drew long ago
No matter how I’ve grown with age, it always will be so!

Mdailey  06/02/08

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Sing

We had our Spring concert last week.  I was the MC as well as one of the singers.  I had short - 4 measure - solos in "Nothing like a Dame", "Working My Way Back to You",and "Let's Hang On".  It was fun and I didn't screw it up.  I even got a good reception as the MC.  So here is how the show went.

The house lights dimmed; we were set to go
“Another Opening – Another Show”
“Summer Time” and the living’s easy
Clarinet solo jazzed up and breezy
“Matchmaker”, matchmaker, send me a match
A solo by Joanne you just had to catch
A medley of songs from Irvin Berlin
Topped off my Magie’s “Steppin Out”, steppin in
“If Ever I Would Leave You” our Dennis did croon
Then “Ain’t Misbehaving” was Barry’s next tune
Way up in the Alps a white flower lies
Mike sang about it in the great “Edleweiss”
Then Rogers & Hammerstein gave us the tunes
“The Sound of Music” and June, June, June
Of “Oklahoma” we did sing
Right into “It Might As Well Be Spring”
With “Nothing Like a Dame” we took a daring chance
And topped off this old medley with the plaintive “Shall We Dance”
Then off to intermission; we offered wine and cheese
All for your donations; and how you all did please
We came back to “Chicago” to show off our pizzazz
Where we sang and danced our way right through “All that Jazz”
Then came the “Cell Block Tango” where the ladies showed their stuff
Marsha, Mary, Joyce and Alice; Karen, Carole all so tough
When “We Both Reached for the Gun” the laughs got louder yet
Marsha, Rod and dear Michelle; as good as you can get
To calm the crowd down, we got the idea
So “Thank You For The Music” came from Momma Mia
Sung by Carolyn, Kathy, Joanie, and Sally
This kind of song was right up their ally
Then from Les Miz came our next singing theme
Alice sang the beautiful and daunting “I Dreamed a Dream”
Then Rod and Michelle brought smiles to our eyes
With “Master of the House” in Mary’s stitched disguise
“On My Own” brought an end to our Les Miz
And Joanne sang it tearfully for that’s the way it is
We changed the pace with “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
Chuck, John, Glenn and Ron in falsetto by and by
We ended it all with Jersey Boys; songs that we all knew
With a repeat of our opening, our Spring Sing was through

Here is a little poem of thanks to the folks of Ocean Ridge that supported us in this show

We want to thank you all for coming
To our annual Spring Sing
To sit and watch us for two hours
While we all did our thing

But if you missed the Spring Sing
You really must remember
We sing for you just twice a year
We’ll see you in December

By the way
We bring you Brunswick’s salutations
For your generous donations
Their Family Assistance coffers now stand
A little bit fuller with your donated grand

Mdailey 5/11/10