Friday, August 6, 2010

The Alamo

We have a History Club here on the plantation and the topic of last month's meeting was the Alamo.  I wrote a little poem that was sent out as a reminider for the meeting - just like I used to do when I was the XO at work and needed to remind the workforce of some coming event.
You’ve heard the story
You’ve seen the show
So you think you know
The real Alamo?
But it wasn’t exactly
As Disney portrayed
They took all the truth
And from it they strayed
You see, Texas back then
Was just North Mexico
Where riff-raff and restless
Americans go
And when they wanted out
From the Mexican rules
They needed a war
And political tools
The fight that took place there
Was just what was needed
The “bad guys” were ruthless
The “good guys” defeated
Sure there were heroics
But not all of them heroes
Some of them nothing but
Thugs, thieves and zeroes
Who happened to be there
When Mexico fought
To keep what was their’s
And America sought
If you care to discuss this
The who, what and why
Come to our meeting
On the 28th of July

Mdailey 6/24/10

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