Friday, August 13, 2010

Where have all the good jobs gone?

The paper said that we can't fix the economy until we all get jobs.  So where are all the jobs today?  this was written from a women's point of view since they use a lot more products and the rhymes worked better from that perspective.
My Japanese Alarm clock woke me right at six
My Chinese coffeepot kicked in to brew my morning fix
And with a Hong Kong razor I deafly shaved my shin
Wearing my Sri Lanka skirt, my day could now begin
My jeans I got from Singapore, Korea made my shoes
My TV (Indonesia), gave me my morning news
In a skillet made in India, I cooked my morning bacon
With my GPS from old Taiwan, I checked the route I'm taken
I turn on my computer, Malaysian is my guess
To check the old stock market that's really quite a mess
I calculate my losses with a machine from Mexico
And check my Swedish time piece and see its time to go
Then in my German auto, filled up with Saudi gas
I slip on Brazilian sandals and leave the house at last
I listen to the radio - India made this one
And head out on my job search; my day has now begun
I keep up my appearance, my hair's cut by some sweet
With a catchy British accent, Vietnam gals do my feet
My purse from Costa Rica, my hat from Ecuador
My belt's from Puerto Rico or some other foreign shore
I've got an education and I'm not a worthless slob
But somehow I can't seem to find a good paying US job

I blame it on recession; I haven't got a chance
I drown my sorrow every day with wine I bought from France

MDailey     11/21/08

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