Sunday, August 15, 2010

Broken Windows

We have a system of messages down here on the plantation where anyone can post a question or an observation that they think someone can address.  Well, this guy Nolan (who I don't know) posted a question on how to protect his windows as he had been in his house only two weeks and already had two broken windows from errant golf balls.  Local friends said it sounded like something worthy of a poem.  So I wrote it.

We built here on the golf course
For the view from our back yard
We couldn’t find a drawback
Though we thought it through real hard
And now that we have moved in
Our view, the fairway grass
We hadn’t thought of errant hooks
Or the fragileness of glass
Two weeks and now two windows
The victims of these hooks
Two weeks and we are flustered
And have dented our checkbooks
Has anyone an answer
Has anyone a fix
Has anyone yet solved this
We’d love to learn the tricks.

Nolan, here’s the problem
Golfers can’t hit straight
And windows on a golf course
Are simply left to fate
Some folks have tried a trellis
Some folks just hung a net
Some folks put plastic film up
That’s all I heard of yet
You could maybe add some bushes
Or perhaps a tree or two
That might stop the golf balls
But screw up your great view
I wish I had an answer
But my yard is ball free
My backyard is directly
Tween a hole and the next tee

Mdailey 8/14/10

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