Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baseball Talks

I wrote this about the same time I wrote "Baseball at the Bat". This is more a dig at Congressonal hearings than at baseball.  As you can see, I was upset with both sides of this issue.
What’s this world coming to – with a war going on
And Congressional testimony going on for so long
Just talking Baseball and who’s doing drugs
Wasting their time with crooks, lawyers, and thugs
They’re worried about Baseball’s great mystique
With nary a word on the lives lost each week
Or how about the recession – folks out on the street
With no roof ore’ their head and no food left to eat
No, they’re worried about players and how they’re poor models
Getting their records through syringes and bottles
They fear that the message conveyed to their kid
That if records are set, it’s OK what they did
To smear on “the clear” and go out and play
And when they grow up they’ll opt for a shot
To let them get muscles that they haven’t yet got
But who really cares – I mean WHO REALLY CARES
If they’re taking steroids and they’re loosing their hairs
And they set all the records that can ever be set
It won’t impact anyone that I know I bet
But with congressmen wasting all of their time
On all of this nonsense making my blood pressure climb
I want them devoting their time to “Just” causes
Not wasting it all on sporting rules clauses
And now they want “Justice” to waste their time too
To determine if what they heard was all true
If maybe some players had lied under oath
Wasting more time, and this time by both
And what’s the role model they’ve taught kids to see
It’s not about ball players if you’re asking me
It’s how once elected you can call to the table
Anyone, any time and then put it on cable
And sit there all mighty and bask in the glory
Of breaking a hero down with his very own story
And maybe you get 15 minutes of fame
And on every front page you can see your own name
And one other thing its really good for
It makes Congress forget that we’re all in a war!

Mdailey     2/29/08

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