Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Little Hill in Arlington

It is about 10 days past the anniversary of the report of my father's missing plane.  I have posted this poem before but think it appropriate to re-post it around this anniversary every time.  It took 50 years for us kids to get closure on his departure.

There’s a little hill in Arlington
Where no bodies are interred
Yet crosses dot the hillside
And Taps are sometimes heard

Unlike the Unknown Soldier
With “unknowns” in the ground
This little hill in Arlington
Is for soldiers never found

I grew up without a father
He was gone when I was four
Flying for the Air Force
Back in the Korean War

His plane was ore’ the Azores
When communications ceased
The search went on for days and days
They never found a piece
My mother raised four children
Each day she learned to cope
She said until a body’s found
We’d never give up hope

The years went by just waiting
And my mother, bless her soul
Held on until her very end
To a grieving widow’s role

For fifty years we children
Had no resting place for Dad
No gravesite and no marker
No closure ever had

Then on little hill in Arlington
Where no bodies are interred
We raised a simple white cross
Dad’s Taps were finally heard

My big sister got the folded flag
And we all shed the tears
That had been bottled up inside us
For all those fifty years

Now Dad, he has a resting place
With other fallen sons
On a quiet little hillside
Right here in Arlington

Mdailey  01/27/09

NC Fall

On an early morning walk just the other day, I took a look around and composed this poem.  I hope someone likes it.  It was published in the Brunswick New Comers newsletter this past month.

The fog and the mist on a cool crispy morn
Rising off of the pond as a new day is born
The birds in the trees and the squirrels on the ground
Know deep in their hearts that Fall is around
Gazing out at the course from an old wooden bridge
That’s how my day starts here at Ocean Ridge
The golf carts are humming all qued up in line
As golfers await their early tee time
There are walkers and joggers and people on bikes
To name just a few of my favorite likes
If given a choice, it’s great to be here
In North Carolina this time of year

Mdailey 10/18/10


My brother-in-law passed away several years ago on 29 October.  I wrote this poem for my wife and the rest of his family.

They met somewhat late in life
She no husband, he no wife
Neither one that lost or lonely
Neither one the one and only
His friends said here’s your chance
Get on out and join the dance
There’s no telling what you’ll find
When you open up your mind

He said “Say a prayer for me”
They said – go on seize the day
See how happy you can be
And his spirits soared away

Their romance was slow at start
But their love grew deep at heart
Each one learning more to care
They made such a perfect pair
A backyard wedding came their way
On some say that year’s hottest day
But their love was plain to see
They were somehow meant to be

He said “Say a prayer for me”
She knelt by his side to pray
Whispered “Oh how I love you”
And their spirits soared that day

But then one day he said “Dear
I feel weak - please hold me near
I don’t know what it’s about
But I know we’ll work this out”
Oh the years were way too short
Came the doctor’s last report
“Go and stay close by his side,
He is on his final ride”

And then standing by his bed
With no tears left to be shed
The kids now gathered round
Showing all the love he’d found
They all said their last good byes
As they wiped their crying eyes
She said, “Dear what can I do
To help you make it through?”

He said “Say a prayer for me”
She knelt by his side to pray
Whispered “Oh how I love you”
As his spirit slipped away

Mdailey   12/23/07

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hawaii - a day to day diary of our vacation


Day 1

We flew into Hawaii, my head was all stuffed
My eyes were all red and if that’s not enough
I sneezed, my nose ran, I sat by a large man
Welcome to Hawaii

We were greeted by rainbows, the biggest I’ve seen
While caught up in the traffic somewhere in between
The plane, the airport and where we were staying
But we were all safe and sound and done with our praying
Our room in the hotel was all grand enough
A great ocean view but my head was still stuffed
It was time for a meal so down to the street
We walked the block twice for something to eat
Got into bed and turned out the lamps
Drifted off to sleep and my leg muscles cramped
The pain was intense and I thought I would die
Bit down on a pillow so I wouldn’t cry
Welcome to Hawaii

Day 2
Alarm rang at 4, the sun’s not yet up
We walked over to Denny’s for our first morning cup
We then toured Pearl Harbor and the great Punch Bowl
Delight for the eyes and comfort for the soul

Day 3
Day three was for boarding and stowing our gear
Exploring the ship from front bow to rear
Finding our table down on deck two
And reading Fun Times to see what to do

Day 4
Day four – Honolulu – no excursions planned
So we hopped a trolley for the lay of the land
We ended up shopping at a big Hilo Hattie
One more day in this town and I will go batty
We finally set sail for our next island hop
To Nawiliwili, the small island’s stop
We signed up to snorkel in a quiet island bay
In wet suits and masks we were set for the day
But the waves just grew bigger – now 4 or 5 feet
And just getting past them some fell in defeat
The fish, they were few – breathing made my mouth sore
And two of us had to sit out on the shore
So back to the boat to rest and relax
Then get dressed for dinner in good shoes and slacks
And after our meal we sat down for the show
Then early to bed, we were tired you know
Welcome to Hawaii

Day 5
We woke up in Hilo for our day’s planned event
To the top Mauna Kea, up – up – up we went
Up at the top – 14 thousand high feet
The air was so thin our hearts fought to beat
The clouds were below us, obscuring our view
Cold, very cold, and the wind how it blew
The land all barren with rocks strewn all over
This was where NASA trained on the moon rover

Day 6
The next stop was Kona and you know that song
With the “Little Grass Shack”, well we all sang along
We passed by the bay where Captain Cook fell
And heard why it happened as the natives could tell
This was Hawaii as we thought it should be
Great views, great beaches with the graceful palm trees
Kings names and key places I couldn’t pronounce
And famed island coffee too costly per ounce
The “Palace of Refuge” where all could be safe
Walled off to separate great kings from the waif
And waves that came crashing up over the wall
That had to be one of the best ports of call
Welcome to Hawaii

Day 7 & 8
Day seven in Maui for two days of fun
From rainforest shade to white beaches sun
Day one found us hiking through a forest of green
Passing flowers and bushes like I’ve never seen
Avocadoes and guava just fell from the trees
But the slick muddy trails were hard on old knees
And after a hike of maybe a mile
We came to a spot where we’d rest for a while
A high waterfall with water so cold
That few ventured in, just the brave and the bold
Under the falls you could not see a thing
The water was blinding and carried a sting
Back to the van and a drive down the coast
We came, we swam, and on that we could boast
Day two there on Maui and another high peak
A 3000 foot crater – a view quite unique
Down, down from the mountain, through Maui’s great plain
Passed miles and miles of sweet sugarcane
To the great Iao Valley with its walls green and steep
A valley of kings where their ancestors sleep
And miles and miles of great sandy shores
Where surfers and campers enjoy the outdoors

Day 9 & Beyond
Day nine, we’re at sea – leaving islands behind
The week now a blur, a great one-of-a-kind
Now it’s eating and games and eating again
And blue that surrounds us with a constant east wind
Aloha to Hawaii

In the middle of nowhere but still right on track
We just passed the point where there’s no turning back
When the captain comes on and says travelers beware
The swells will get bigger – hang on on the stairs
We were clipping along right at 22 knots
And losing our balance in all the rough spots
But there’s a passenger needing immediate care
So we’ll be at full throttle in a rush to get there
Soon we dropped off the patient – southern Cal – in the bay
Then cruised south of the border that very same day
And in Encinitas our cruise came to an end
And I thought I was through with all that I’d penned
But we got up at four – on the buses by seven
Hit the Mexican border by maybe eleven
And then we just sat as the cars inched up the line
And crossing the border took way too much time
Our director was nervous – about going insane
We were greatly in danger of missing our plane
But we got to the airport and sorted out bags
Got them weighed, x-rayed, and labeled with tags
And finally we’re down to a 1 hour flight
You’d better believe we slept soundly that night

So let me recap – we did lots of stuff
And a week in Hawaii just isn’t enough
And five days at sea might be three days too long
But with family and friends, how could we go wrong
So maybe someday I’ll go back – get a lei
Drape it over my head and hear island folks say
Welcome to Hawaii

Mdailey 10/18/10

My Daddy Was a Fly Boy

My Daddy Was a Fly Boy
October was an important month to me.  It was my parents wedding anniversary and the month my father was reporting missing in action.  Here is a poem I wrote about my mom and dad.

My Daddy was a fly boy
My Mom an Army nurse
They met back in the second war
When the world was at its worse

She was stationed in the Philippians
He was stationed in the air
They somehow found each other
And became a loving pair

They were married in October
When the war was through
She planned to raise a family
And that’s just what she would do

And he kept right on flying
Then Korea came around
He said my place is in the air
Not down here on the ground

So she stayed safely grounded
While he flew off to war
And in-between those secrete flights
Came children numbered four

Then one night in October
His plane did not return
They searched his route from end to end
Yet nothing could they learn

No oil slick upon the sea
No debris anywhere
No sign of him or of his plane
He just vanished from the air

But Mom, she never gave up hope
That someday he’d be found
She waited for her fly-boy
Till she was heaven bound

We pray they’re back together
As true lovers all should be
And that they go on loving
For all eternity

Yes - my Daddy was a fly boy
Back in the 2nd war
We lost him in Korea
When I was only four
My Momma was an Army nurse
Served in the Philippians
They married when the war was ‘ore
Fulfilling perfect dreams

Mdailey 12/29/09

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My parents wedding anniversary was 18 Oct (I think that is right).  After Mom passed away, we found a poem she had written for her 5th wedding anniversary.  As usual, my father was flying somewhere on a mission so she wrote him the poem.  You can see from the poem where I might have gotten what little talent I have for poems and the same ideas on humor.  I hope some of you like this poem from back in the 40s.

Happy Anniversary   /  Florence Dailey

I’ve studies the angles from hither and yon
And here are the conclusions that I have drawn:
Our marital status is a bit of a mess
It’s rough to admit it, but, honey, confess
If laid end to end was the time you spent flittin’
On trips or in school, or as AO just sittin’
Tain’t Anniversary Five that we honor with glee
Might stand in the books but it isn’t for me
It should be the second or at most the third
Cause I married a man who makes like a bird!
“How to be Single tho’ Married” – Remember?
The book I was writing way back in November?
When I was at Howard and you in BA
(The trip was 5 days; 5 weeks you did stay)
Then there was Rio, Lima and Guat
And mucho mucho mas – in fact, quite a lot
Of places you mentioned that now skip my mind
At Bourinquine the pattern varied little I find
Your trips were still often, the hours home but few
By then we had animals and kids – we had two
Then we came stateside to the damn frozen north
You see the sun ‘cause you go back and go forth
To Texas and Florida, as well as across
The icy Atlantic – on one engine, of course
Now the children are three – a damn Yankee is here
To add to the din and the mess till I fear
I’m mad as a hatter, the place is a fright
And I’m fit to be tied when you come home at night
But don’t get me wrong – change places I’d not
(Tho’ I’ll probably end up as a drunken old sot)
Happy October 18th – and may we have more
I’d like maybe a million, but at least fifty-four
I love you, old goat, and no doubt always will
‘Cause where I’m concerned you sure fill the bill
As in each of my letters – you don’t write – you meanie
I’ll send this as usual – you’ve all my love – Greenie

NOTES:  Howard was in Panama City where my older sister Margie was born.  Bourinquine was the base in Puerto Rico where I was born.  The Damn Yankee refers to my sister Kathy.  Of course my father came back and they had one more child - Jinx (also a Damn Yankee).  My father's plane disappeared when I was four and I never got to know him at all other than letters he wrote to my Mom and stories she told us.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Allen Pearson's pictures of clouds inspired this poem.

We sit and stare as clouds drift by
Moving pictures in the sky
Here and there a Teddy Bear
Drifting off to who knows where
All it takes - an open mind
Go see what other things you’ll find

Mdailey 9/18/10

Blue Shenandoah Morning

My friend Allen Pearson took this picture - I wrote the poem.
A Shenandoah morning
The fog still hugs the ground
The blue of sky reflected
In everything around
The fog, the hills, the valley
And even nearby trees
Are simply different hues of blue
I Love mornings like these

Mdailey 9/18/10

The Osprey

We had a pair of Osprey make a nest down the road from us.  They were the inspiration for this poem.  I started the poem, let it sit for awhile then added two new verses today.

A regal
Sea eagle
The Osprey
Who builds their nest high in the trees
With a beautiful view
Seen by so few
As they rest
In their nest
In the breeze.

They’ll be seen floating by
High in the sky
Over an Ocean Ridge pond
Then drop from the sky
Like a missile they’ll fly
For this dish of a fish they are fond

To their nest they’ll retreat
With a fish in their feet
To share with the young in their nest
Then it’s back on a limb
Both the her and the him
To enjoy a well needed rest

Mdailey 7/3/10 – 9/20/10

Duck Calls

If you are a hunter, you know all about duck calls and duck stamps.  If you want to shoot ducks you have to purchase a duck stamp.  Well, a few years ago there was a little problem with the phone number published in all the federal regulations and websites.  Instead of a government office, people calling a federal phone number to order duck stamps were instead greeted by a phone-sex line because of a printing error the government says would be too expensive to correct. Duck stamps are required to hunt migratory waterfowl and that year’s stamps feature a pair of pintail ducks.
Here is the conversation that might have taken place back then.  WARNING - this is not a PC poem.

I was calling to get a few duck stamps
I got a young girl on the line
I said I was hoping for pintails
She said she could get me that kind
I told her I did not want to lick them
I want the kind sticky on back
She said that was rather an odd call
But she’d find someone with just that knack
I told her that I was a novice
And this was my first real hunt
She said to sit back and enjoy it
She had everything I’d ever want
I asked would it be check or credit
She said credit was all they would take
I gave her my number and waited
But I must have made some mistake
She started to talk real dirty
And by dirty, I mean real DIRT
I hung up the phone in a hurry
I hope the girl’s feelings weren’t hurt

So maybe I won’t go duck hunting
As I had originally planned
I’ve got beavers I ought to take care of
In my stream that they recently dammed



With football season now in full swing and basketball not far behind, I thought it good to give Denver it's due.  When the upgraded their stadiums a few years back, they had the ladies comfort in mind.
In Denver the women have spoken
They won themselves more than a token
They have twice the seating
Whenever they’re meeting
The old one-for-one ratio’s been broken

We’re not talking about seats on the floor
But those behind closed restroom doors
They chose to consider
The “stander” - the “sitter”
And how long it takes for those chores

The women had power to wield
And in Denver the builders did yield
They didn’t encumber
Gals by the number
Of rest rooms at Invesco Field

And girls when they enter
The new Pepsi Center
Have less waiting when their nature calls
They took into account
Your attire and amount
Of time you take in restroom stalls.

So gals quit your griping
Your digs and your sniping
To your wishes we have requisted
You have plenty of room
To relieve or to groom
At the convention you should be well rested


Talk Like a Pirate

It was national "Talk like a Pirate" day and I had to wirite about it.
Me parrots on shoulder
Me hooks on my wrist
Me legs an old peg
You get the gist
Shiver me timbers
ARRGG – come aboard
I’ll tell you the secret
Of my pirate hoard
If you can’t keep the secret
Off the plank you will walk
For I’m a believer
In walking the talk
And speaking of talking
I’ve just this to say
It’s National “Talk
Like a Pirate” today.

Mdailey 9/19/10

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow - 1 September - is my wife's birthday.  I wrote this for her last year.

Here’s wishing you a birthday wish
A home-made cake, a lover’s kiss
A day that you can spend with friends
From sunrise till the sunset ends
This is just my way to say
Hope you have a glorious day
Here is one for this year - - -
When I lie down with you each night
I hope and pray with all my might
That in the morning when I wake
You'll still be there for heaven's sake