Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun with Explosives

The warnings on stories like this have always been - "Don't try this at home!"  I have always heeded those warnings but in the back of my head there has always been this voice that said "Go ahead - you can do this if they can do this"  I heard about this little trick and even saw a video of it.  It was dangerous and stupid - -- but

I recall when but a lad
The fun with explosives that we had
A role of caps from our cap gun
We’d smash with hammers just for fun
We didn’t think it all that rash
The hammer swung – the blast and flash
But these guys thought “what the devil”
Let’s take it to a whole new level
We’ll tape explosives to a sledge
That ought to take us near the edge
And if the hammer weighs enough
The blast we’ll get won’t be kid’s stuff
With C4 taped to hammer head
We’re lucky we don’t wind up dead
The hammer swung without a care
Came back to earth we know not where
But up it went and down it will come
Boys will be boys – but dumb is dumb
Guys like this are fools at best
Still I’d like to put it to the test

Mdailey – 05/18/09

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Being Green

In honor of Earth Day on Thursday, 22 April.

Long ago it was first noted
And Kermit once was quoted
You know that it’s not easy being green
Back then he meant it racial
About the color of your facial
Today that’s really not what it would mean
It means stopping our abusing
All the energy we’re using
And cutting back on all of our excess
It means windmills on the hill side
Driving hybrids when you must drive
And staying close to home and going less
It means veggies that are home grown
Clothing that is home sewn
And bicycles as gifts for lazy kids
It means using things till they’re used up
No paper plates – no paper cup
And living as our grandpas did
It means shutting off the lights
Open windows for cool nights
And getting cozy when the cold nights come
Walking – feet upon the ground
Not a treadmill to be found
And playing board games when the day is done
Turning off that old TV
Turning down that cold AC
And recycling everything that you can not use
No frills, no fancy labels
Eating home at your own tables
Going green is something you must choose
And thus I must attest
Kermit said it best
It’s really not that easy “Being Green”

Mdailey   07/24/08


Spring - when thoughts of fancy - - -I have told you about a lot of action certain animals have been getting this spring.  Here are a few more.

By the way, I have two new features on the page that I do not know if they work or how they work and I am looking for a guinea pig or two to try them out.  One is a guest book where you just let the writer know you have been there and the other is an e-mail subscription to the page where you get notified when something is posted.

Be sure not to miss
What's next on the list
The ground hogs just out our back door
With a bump and a grind
What they have in mind
Is that other ground hog they adore
And the snakes in the grasses
Must do what sure passes
For love making while intertwined
And even the bees
Don't just sit with crossed knees
When other bees are of like mind

You can sure tell it's Spring
When all things do their thing
And little things we start to see
But we old married guys
Through the years have grown wise
And we know just what ain't going to be!

mdailey     4/10/2008

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Holocaust – Day of Remembrance

Public law 96-388 established "Days of Remembrance" to commemorate the Holocaust, the state-sponsored systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jews by Nazi Germany. The week of 19-26 April has been set aside as our Days of Remembrance. Please take some time to participate in events in your area and say a prayer that we never forget.  I wrote this a year ago but plan to post it each year to remind us all.

They rounded us up one day in the rain
Herded us into a cattle-car train
We were just Jews, it was simple and plain
The pain – we must always remember

When the train stopped there were so many dead
Ushered into two groups, tears were all shed
Weak ones culled out and away they were led
That said – we must always remember

None of this ever has made any sense
Staying alive in good health our defense
We'd spend every day praying out by the fence
Consequence – we must always remember

At night we would gather and in silence we pray
Pray that we make it through one more day
What tomorrow would bring – no one could say
Today – we must always remember

Each morning we’d line up; they’d walk down the rows
Deciding who lives; deciding who goes
Each morning we’d pray that we weren’t one of those
God knows – we must always remember

And the stench in the camp from the ovens by noon
Reminded us all of our impending doom
Relief from this hell-hole could not come too soon
Repugn – we must always remember

There were thousands of us left back in the damp
In our bunks, in the ovens, or the cattle-car ramps
And surviving this ordeal left its own stamps
The camps – we must always remember

So each year we gather on Remembrance Day
To honor the loved ones who have passed away
And the horrible price that they had to pay
We pray – we will always remember
mdailey     4/15/09

Friday, April 16, 2010

Turtle Baptism

True Story

He sprinkled me as if to say
I baptize you in my own way
You plucked me from impending danger
You a simple unknown stranger
You carried me to safer ground
I thank you sir. Now put me down
I usually travel slow and steady
Ever vigilant and ready
But you caught me unaware
Picked me up to who knew where
Because the move so frightened me
I sprinkled you with turtle pee
By the time you placed me on the grass
I was all prepared to just pass gas
With one more step, I would have snapped
I peed, I gassed, I would have crapped
You would have had a stain so brown
You’re lucky that you put me down
I thank you for your brave endeavor
But do not startle turtles – ever!

Yes, I survived another hurdle
Baptized by a Catholic turtle
Had it been a Baptist version
I’d have met complete immersion

Mdailey 4/16/10

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Turkey Tale

This is a true story.  I am not the guy in the story and I am not naming names as he might be a little embarrassed about what happened.  Anyway, I hope you like and share it with friends.  Speaking of friends, I added another follower this week.  I would love to add more.  I also have a new add-on to the blog - a guest book that you can sign.  This is brand new and I do not know how it works so I need someone or several someones to sign the guest book and check it out.  Any takers?

He came out of the woods in a running start
Tried to take flight with all of his heart
But the road was to close and the car was too tall
And he was too heavy and his flight was in stall
He smacked into the window; left a feather or two
Then bounced down the road; what’s a guy gonna do
The turkey’s just laying there; all twisted and still
You get out of the car feeling quite ill
When up jumps the bird, shakes his head as to clear it
Then you soon realize you are really too near it
He’s alive and he’s well, and he’s really pissed off
And he sees you as the reason he did not get aloft
And so he attacks you - flogging and chasing
With you in his sights, its revenge he’s embracing
So you start to run down the side of the road
But he’s got some speed, turkey trot pigeon-toed
He’s gaining; you’re worried your end is at hand
Death by a turkey; would your friends understand
When all at once you get a reprise
He gives up the chase and heads back to the trees
You can relax; head back into town
And hope all your friends will let you live this down
And maybe in time, they’ll all come to doubt it
As long as no fool writes a poem all about it

Mdailey 4/15/10

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blacksburg Virginia - April 19, 2008

I wrote the following two poems back in 2008 right after I heard about what happened in Blaksburg.  If you like these, please ask your friends to read them as well.


It’s Blacksburg in Virginia in April of 07

And 32 new angles were welcomed into heaven

When heroines and heroes join victims newly born

In Blacksburg, in Virginia on the fateful April morn

Blacksburg in Virginia as the sun begins to rise
He walks across the campus – a death look in his eyes
Two shots ring out – 2 students fall – the shooter walks away
To think about what he has done and will do so yet today
He finishes the filming – mails the package to TV
By 10 o’clock a records set – the total 33

It’s Blacksburg in Virginia – Ambler Johnson Hall
The shooter walks from room to room saying nothing as they fall
He’s calm and quite collected – while students are all shocked
He knows he has a lot of time as all the doors are locked
He’s firing and reloading until the outside doors break down
Then calmly turns the gun on him – the 33rd goes down

There were heroes and heroines on this fateful day
Some blocked the doors – gave up their lives so others got away
It’s Blacksburg in Virginia in April of 07
And 32 new angles were welcomed into heaven


My little girl’s in Blacksburg
Through Momma’s many tears
We dropped her off a freshman
She’s been there now 3 years

My little girl’s in Blacksburg
She called most every week
To tells us all about her dreams
In the French she’s learned to speak

My little girl’s in Blacksburg
She loved that little town
She studied hard most every day
Just to wear that cap and gown

My little girl’s in Blacksburg
Through Momma’s many tears
I could barely hear her name called out
I could not believe my ears

My little girl’s in Blacksburg
She will graduate they say
In a special class of 32
Selected just today

MDAILEY       08/19/07

Mdailey     01/03/08

Slut Buzzard

This is a true story that happened in Virginia at my old office.  I have yet to catch the NC buzzards at this but have no doubts it happens all the time as there are hundreds of them around.

She turned her back on him
He turned his back then too
They’re not speaking to each other
As lovers often do

“You’re taking me for granted”
“You should keep your big beak shut”
“You’re not the man I wanted”
“You’re just a Buzzard Slut”

Slut Buzzard – Slut Buzzard
They’re filthy and obscene
Doing things you shouldn’t do
Seen through my window screen

She’s big and black and ugly
He’s no handsome prince
They’re doing it on roof tops
My mind’s been bothered since
The crowd’s all standing dumbstruck
Not knowing what to do
It’s burned into my eyes I fear
Two vultures pitching woo

Slut Buzzard – Slut Buzzard
They’re filthy and obscene
Doing things you shouldn’t do
Seen through my window screen

They gathered all the office
To watch these vultures mate
Calling folks from down the hall
Come quick these guys won’t wait
And like a fool I looked up
It was just a passing glance
Now every time I close my eyes
I see this buzzard dance

Slut Buzzard – Slut Buzzard
They’re filthy and obscene
Doing things you shouldn’t do
Seen through my window screen

Mdailey    04/08/08

Sunday, April 11, 2010


There’s something ‘bout this season
I don’t know what it is
But nature all around us
Is getting down to BIZ
The other day the vultures
Were really going to town
And this morning squirrels on the tree
Had thrown the gauntlet down

Fuzzy tails are flying
Fuzzy look – a fuzzy smile
Fuzzy hearts are all a flutter
As they dance in fuzzy style

They chase around from branch to branch
The lead one playing coy
Staying just out of his reach
Appears to be her ploy
They chatter and they twitter
As they clutch out on a limb
We think that one’s a fuzzy girl
And one’s a fuzzy him

Fuzzy tails are flying
Fuzzy look – a fuzzy smile
Fuzzy hearts are all a flutter
As they dance in fuzzy style

He wraps his fuzzy little arms
Around her fuzzy bod
And with a smile she acquiesced
With a fuzzy little nod
Then all at once they look up
See us watching from inside
And like two lovers caught mid-act
They both run off and hide

Fuzzy tails are flying
Fuzzy look – a fuzzy smile
Fuzzy hearts are all a flutter
As they dance in fuzzy style

Mdailey     4/10/08

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life On Mars

I heard NASA was looking for someone to write a book
About how man could live on Mars, I thought I’d take a look
I did a little research and then thought “Oh my stars”
I think that man could do it. Here’s how I’d live on Mars

In Mondays I’d have M&Ms
On Tuesday, Milky Ways
Three Musketeers on Wednesday
Thursday, Star Burst trays
On Friday I’d have Uncle Bens
That’s right, Mars does make rice
And Saturday it’s Snickers, my favorite Mars vice
On Sunday its Dove chocolate, Twix and Skittles too
And that’s how my first week would go, so tell me, how bout you?

Mdailey     12/09/08