Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Turkey Tale

This is a true story.  I am not the guy in the story and I am not naming names as he might be a little embarrassed about what happened.  Anyway, I hope you like and share it with friends.  Speaking of friends, I added another follower this week.  I would love to add more.  I also have a new add-on to the blog - a guest book that you can sign.  This is brand new and I do not know how it works so I need someone or several someones to sign the guest book and check it out.  Any takers?

He came out of the woods in a running start
Tried to take flight with all of his heart
But the road was to close and the car was too tall
And he was too heavy and his flight was in stall
He smacked into the window; left a feather or two
Then bounced down the road; what’s a guy gonna do
The turkey’s just laying there; all twisted and still
You get out of the car feeling quite ill
When up jumps the bird, shakes his head as to clear it
Then you soon realize you are really too near it
He’s alive and he’s well, and he’s really pissed off
And he sees you as the reason he did not get aloft
And so he attacks you - flogging and chasing
With you in his sights, its revenge he’s embracing
So you start to run down the side of the road
But he’s got some speed, turkey trot pigeon-toed
He’s gaining; you’re worried your end is at hand
Death by a turkey; would your friends understand
When all at once you get a reprise
He gives up the chase and heads back to the trees
You can relax; head back into town
And hope all your friends will let you live this down
And maybe in time, they’ll all come to doubt it
As long as no fool writes a poem all about it

Mdailey 4/15/10

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