Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun with Explosives

The warnings on stories like this have always been - "Don't try this at home!"  I have always heeded those warnings but in the back of my head there has always been this voice that said "Go ahead - you can do this if they can do this"  I heard about this little trick and even saw a video of it.  It was dangerous and stupid - -- but

I recall when but a lad
The fun with explosives that we had
A role of caps from our cap gun
We’d smash with hammers just for fun
We didn’t think it all that rash
The hammer swung – the blast and flash
But these guys thought “what the devil”
Let’s take it to a whole new level
We’ll tape explosives to a sledge
That ought to take us near the edge
And if the hammer weighs enough
The blast we’ll get won’t be kid’s stuff
With C4 taped to hammer head
We’re lucky we don’t wind up dead
The hammer swung without a care
Came back to earth we know not where
But up it went and down it will come
Boys will be boys – but dumb is dumb
Guys like this are fools at best
Still I’d like to put it to the test

Mdailey – 05/18/09

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