Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Sing

We had our Spring concert last week.  I was the MC as well as one of the singers.  I had short - 4 measure - solos in "Nothing like a Dame", "Working My Way Back to You",and "Let's Hang On".  It was fun and I didn't screw it up.  I even got a good reception as the MC.  So here is how the show went.

The house lights dimmed; we were set to go
“Another Opening – Another Show”
“Summer Time” and the living’s easy
Clarinet solo jazzed up and breezy
“Matchmaker”, matchmaker, send me a match
A solo by Joanne you just had to catch
A medley of songs from Irvin Berlin
Topped off my Magie’s “Steppin Out”, steppin in
“If Ever I Would Leave You” our Dennis did croon
Then “Ain’t Misbehaving” was Barry’s next tune
Way up in the Alps a white flower lies
Mike sang about it in the great “Edleweiss”
Then Rogers & Hammerstein gave us the tunes
“The Sound of Music” and June, June, June
Of “Oklahoma” we did sing
Right into “It Might As Well Be Spring”
With “Nothing Like a Dame” we took a daring chance
And topped off this old medley with the plaintive “Shall We Dance”
Then off to intermission; we offered wine and cheese
All for your donations; and how you all did please
We came back to “Chicago” to show off our pizzazz
Where we sang and danced our way right through “All that Jazz”
Then came the “Cell Block Tango” where the ladies showed their stuff
Marsha, Mary, Joyce and Alice; Karen, Carole all so tough
When “We Both Reached for the Gun” the laughs got louder yet
Marsha, Rod and dear Michelle; as good as you can get
To calm the crowd down, we got the idea
So “Thank You For The Music” came from Momma Mia
Sung by Carolyn, Kathy, Joanie, and Sally
This kind of song was right up their ally
Then from Les Miz came our next singing theme
Alice sang the beautiful and daunting “I Dreamed a Dream”
Then Rod and Michelle brought smiles to our eyes
With “Master of the House” in Mary’s stitched disguise
“On My Own” brought an end to our Les Miz
And Joanne sang it tearfully for that’s the way it is
We changed the pace with “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
Chuck, John, Glenn and Ron in falsetto by and by
We ended it all with Jersey Boys; songs that we all knew
With a repeat of our opening, our Spring Sing was through

Here is a little poem of thanks to the folks of Ocean Ridge that supported us in this show

We want to thank you all for coming
To our annual Spring Sing
To sit and watch us for two hours
While we all did our thing

But if you missed the Spring Sing
You really must remember
We sing for you just twice a year
We’ll see you in December

By the way
We bring you Brunswick’s salutations
For your generous donations
Their Family Assistance coffers now stand
A little bit fuller with your donated grand

Mdailey 5/11/10

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