Friday, May 21, 2010

Flat Busted

With the latest Miss USA just completed and of course another scandle brewing, I thought I would remind everyone of what happened last year (I think it was last year)

There once was a gal
From old southern Cal
Whose pageantry life went to hell
When she gave her impression
Of the gay-marriage question
And the protesting started to swell

Harassed and abused
Obligations refused
They wanted to take it all back
Give to somebody else
The fame and the wealth
For she was in breach of contract

But there’s one other wrinkle
You’ll laugh till you tinkle
They had given her other enhancements
Her chest grew a bit
And they paid for it

Now they claim it was just an advancement
So they’re suing her
For all costs and two-per
And they ask that she be readjusted
So in more ways than one
When it’s all said and done
Our gal just might end up flat-busted!

Mdailey 10/23/09

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