Friday, May 21, 2010


As a thank you to the folks at Margaritaville, I wrote then another poem - on-the-house.  And before anyone calls me on it - I know the shoping center is Broadway at the Beach, not the other way around but that is where my poetic license comes in handy.  I get to rearrange facts and names to make the rhythm and rhym work.

A right lively place
When the hurricane blows
With burgers and beer
And cool videos
Of Jimmy B. singing
Bout life on the keys
And the staff doing back flips
Just trying to please
Today I had lunch
At Jimmy B’s “ville”
If it weren’t for commitments
I’d be sitting there still
Carolina Cheeseburger
Was featured today
At Margaritaville
At the Beach at Broadway
With pimento cheese
And jalapeño for heat
Twas my burger of choice
And a masterful treat
And I couldn’t help thinking
After I’d had my fill
I couldn’t do better
Than Margraitaville

Mdailey 5/20/10

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