Friday, May 21, 2010

Eating Jiminy Cricket

Just the Cricket: Eating Insects is Good for Us and for the Environment, Scientist Claim

Eating bugs in Europe and in the USA
On purpose is unthought-of, it’s strictly not OK
You look into its beady eyes, you see into its soul
Your brain relays a message, your gut looses control
You get the heeby-jeebies, your belly goes flip-flop
And before you even know it, you’re looking for a mop
But in the Asian countries and Africa I’m told
They eat their bugs all fried up, at times they eat them cold
Bug farming preserves forests and is encouraged all the time
To kill off bugs with pesticides in some countries is a crime
The experts see the irony, to save the crops we kill
These protein bearing insects – good food to fill the bill
And some will even argue we’d be better off in time
To let bugs eat our grain crops - then on the bugs we dine
But Pixar and Walt Disney have solidified our view
We can’t be eating critters that act like me and you.

I have a lively conscience that tells me right from wrong
Sometimes he whispers quietly – sometimes bursts into song
He looks just like Jiminy Cricket that Walt drew long ago
No matter how I’ve grown with age, it always will be so!

Mdailey  06/02/08

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