Friday, May 21, 2010

How Much Water Does it Take?

Another poem about water but not flooding this time.  Just the thought that with Spring comes a renewed effort to diet and the false hope that simply dieting will get rid of the pounds and inches you have added throughout the year.

Yogurt and water,
A palate’s delight
But how much of each,
What amount is just right?
And cottage cheese diets
Have come to a halt
You retain too much water,
It must be the salt.
And can you eat fruit;
Say at 10, 2, and 8
Add that all up,
Will that lose the weight?
Panacea’s not diet,
You’d think they would learn
You want to lose weight;
It’s the calories you burn
Get off your fat butt,
Get down to the gym
That works for the her,
That works for the him
Its exercise folks,
Not just what’s in your meals
Anything less;
You’re just spinning your wheels

Mdailey  05/05/08

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