Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just An Easter Bunny Now

I wrote this for a Washington Post contest last year, I think I got an honorable mention for it.  The challenge was to write new words for a holiday song.  this one was based on “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”

Just an Easter Bunny now
No religion – Holy Cow
They’ve PC’ed the day some how
Just an Easter Bunny now

Baskets filled with candy cheer
Easter bonnets – aren’t they dear
No talk of Jesus will you hear
Easter Bunny time of year


April Fools Day

No explanation needed for this poem

April Fools has come at last
And it’s my favorite day
For I can wax poetic
In my own pathetic way
And I can put in rhythmic verse
My thoughts and words in rhymes
And you can read the words I write
Or read between the lines


Monday, March 29, 2010

First Sign of Spring

To some it is seeing a Robin
That tells them that spring has begun
Down here it is seeing a gator
Out on the bank getting some sun
Today we have sighted that gator
He’s big, maybe 5 or 6 feet
He’s been under the mud here all winter
And he’s looking for something to eat
So we didn’t run out there to greet him
We just turned to each other to say
“Look Dear, the gators are sunning
It’s the start of a gorgeous Spring day
Mdailey 03/29/10

Safety First

It is that time of year already - we all have to get in better shape for the coming season.

We all could use the exercise
But safety must come first
Make sure your gear is up to date
Make sure you quench your thirst
Think about what you're doing
Do it till you're the best
Plan to exercise outside?
Wear a reflective vest.
No matter how you exercise
Be sure to stretch each limb
It's time to move those muscles
Outside or in the gym

Mdailey    03/17/09


I missed this by a few days - but you get the idea.

Today it is the first of spring
The flowers bloom, the robins sing
The butterflies will soon take wing
But on my mind’s another thing
Spring – when love is a la carte
And Cupid’s there to do his part
And most folk’s thoughts are of the heart
I know the sneezing soon will start
The flowers, the trees
You sneeze, you wheeze
Your coughing knocks you to your knees
There’s pollen in the slightest breeze
Your head, eyes red
In bed, a med
Feeling like the walking dead
Wish that you could die instead

Mdailey   03/20/09

Sunday, March 14, 2010

We are all Irish on St. Pat's Day

An Irish Wish

May there always be laughter
In the here and here after
May the angels protect you and me
May your wife so adore you
May your children restore you
May you live your life happy and free

When your troubles are mounting
May your heart just start counting
All the great things you have in your life
May you have a head start
With a smile in your heart
And the love and support of your wife

Mdailey March 09

Tis Irish You Are Today

Let me be the first to say
Tis Irish you are today
No matter your background
Your forefather’s way
Tis Irish you are today

And as Irish you are entitled
A toast – so come what may
St. Paddy sure will bless thee
For tis Irish you are today

May your mountains all be hillsides
May your storms be gentle rain
May your days be filled with sunshine
Until we meet again

No matter what this day might bring you
You will surely be OK
For you’ll have the luck of the Irish
Tis Irish you are today

Mdailey     03/17/09

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've Loved Women (Part 2)

When I posted the original poem, my daughter let me know that I had left her out of the equation so I have written a part 2 to the original.  I hope this gets me back in her good graces.

I’m reminded I’ve a daughter
A Woman too she said
As a Dad I have this problem
With this thought within my head
You see, I changed her diapers
And fed her with a spoon
In my mind she’s still my little girl
Who’s just grown up too soon
But if I’m listing loved ones
Her name’s there on my tongue
The little girl I’ve always loved
And the Woman she’s become

Mdailey    3/6/10

Friday, March 5, 2010

Land of Enchantment

I lived in New Mexico in the late 70's but my wife grew up in Alburquerque.  We still have relatives in Farmington and love to visit when we can. 

I’ve lived in the land of enchantment
With enchantment I’ve had my share
Tell Gabriel when he comes calling
Don’t bother, he’s already there

There are mountains and valleys and foothills
Sunshine or snow on the peak
You can do most anything that you like
On any old day of the week

When the Rio Grande has water
There is boating to be had
And then when it goes bone dry
The scenery ain’t that bad

The Sandia slopes go crimson
When the sun decides to set
Then the valley lights start glowing
They’re the best sights you will get

There are Indians and cowboys
And folks from everywhere
Then in the fall comes festivals
And balloons just fill the air

From ancient cliff-side dwellings
Shiprock and reservations
History is there to see
Of fabled Indian nations

Yes, I’ve spent some time in paradise
In this magical southwest state
And when Gabriel comes a calling
Tell him he’s come too late

For I’ve lived in the land of enchantment
With enchantment I’ve had my share
Tell Gabriel when he comes calling
Don’t bother, he’s already there

Mdailey 01/28/10

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've Loved Women

I guess I had one more poem in me from Valentine's Day but I just wrote it today. 
I’ve loved women all my life
When times were good; in times of strife
I’ve loved women all my life

The first is unlike any other
That’s the love of son to mother
And then there’s that love of a sister
Because she’s family I must list her
Let’s not forget the love of neighbor
I was young; no misbehavior
And then in school the many crushes
Got me nowhere due to blushes
In second grade I loved my teacher
In high school-cheerleaders from the bleachers
And growing up there’s friends of friends
And secret loves that always ends
City girls and those on farms
I was smitten by their charms
I’ve seen the smiles; I’ve noticed flirts
And foolish loves that end in hurts

Yes, I’ve loved women all my life
My greatest joy; the love of wife

Mdailey 3/4/10