Thursday, February 25, 2010


I noticed that someone has actually started to check off on the comments blocks below the poems.  I loved seeing that but wonder if it is only one person and why not more.  Just curious.  I also noted that I got another follower this week.  I would love to have some more sign on as followers.  It doesn't cost anything but gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see who is following the posts.
And I will take requests if you have something you want to see in rhyme, let me know and I will attempt to write one for you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Suit and Tie

I wrote this the other night. i think it would make a great country song - someone just needs to strum along on a guitar to the rhythm of the words. 

I used to wear a suit and tie
I sat in an office & watched years go by
It was my life
It was a lie
When I had to wear that suit and tie

When I was young, I had a plan
Of what I’d be when grown a man
It was a dream
That I let die
And so I donned a suit and tie

I longed to write in verse or song
And when it’d play, they’d sing along
It was kept quiet
I was too shy
I had to wear a suit and tie
 So for a while I tried to teach
The only stage within my reach
It didn’t work
Despite my try
I resigned myself to suit and tie

After 30 years in management
It paid the bills; it paid the rent
It dawned on me
And I knew why
I couldn’t wear that suit and tie

And so here I sit with pen in hand
Trying to get back to my boyhood plan
I write for me
With writing I fly
And I no longer don that old suit and tie

Mdailey 2/21/10

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Buzzard, A Stork, & A Fish

Yesterday we witnessed a confrontation between a stork that caught a fish that was too big to swallow whole and a gathering crowd that wanted a piece of the fish.  I would have taken a picture if my camera had not broken.  Here is the complete story.  

It was steadfast concentration
A fish too big
A throat too small
It was dogged determination
A stork’s attempt
To have it all
It was a standoff confrontation
Between he that has
And those have not
And thus this presentation
To dignify
This fishy plot

A buzzard, a stork
And a fish by the shore
An egret came by
And then 3 buzzards more
The stork caught the fish
It’s too big to devour
The standoff began
And it lasted an hour
The stork shook the fish
To tear off a bite
The buzzards peered in
To keep that fish in sight
The egret just walked
Back and forth on the bank
Watching the buzzards
He’d have to outflank
Each time the stork
Dropped the fist with a splash
The egret and buzzards
All turned in a flash
But that didn’t deter him
He kept trying to swallow
And each time he moved
The others would follow
Each time the stork picked
The fish up in his beak
He turned and just stared down
Those birds so to speak
But one time the buzzards
Got hold of that fish
Then fought off each other
To get at that dish
When out of the water
The stork charged that crowd
Squawking and squeaking
And getting quite loud
So the buzzards backed down
As the cowards they are
They look mighty tough
But they hate to spar
So the stork just stormed off
A ways down the shore
After giving the egret
And buzzards what for
I never did see
How the story turned out
But the stork ate that whole fish
I would bet without doubt

Mdailey 02/19/10

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I wrote this for a friend who appears to be going crazy due to all the snow the DC area had and the closure of work and school and roads and just about any other thing you would think of.  She had to run outside in the snow but first had to clear a narrow path to do so.  And she kept everyone entertained with her videos of coping with the situation.

She llloooves how running shoes will smell
Not just her’s; other’s as well
It’s really not that hard to tell
That girl’s got cabin fever

She llloooves to post those videos
Of her outside in running clothes
With frozen fingers; frozen toes
That girl’s got cabin fever

She llloooves to tell of work undone
Her discontent of treadmill runs
Her longing for a warming sun
That girl’s got cabin fever

I think perhaps she’s flipped her lid
From all those things she wished she’d did
She tries so hard to keep it hid
That girl’s got cabin fever

She’s just not a make believer
She needs a white knight to retrieve her
Come on guys, you just can’t leave her
That girl’s got cabin fever

Mdailey 02/18/10

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

London Brew

This should be interesting to all you coffee drinkers.  I for one do not drink the stuff and having read all about this new expensive London brew and even more convinced that I have made the right choice.  I even had to find out what a palm civet looked like.  If any of you want to give me your assessment of the brew, I would love to hear from you.

What's that bean you're poppin'
Is it made from pole cat droppin'
Has it got that earthy taste and earthy smell

Is it made for coffee drippin
For an afternoon of sippin
Is it something I could buy or you could sell

Has it come yet to your nation
From it's Indones plantation
Coffee beans passed through a palm civet?

They say the juices, gastric
Make the flavor quite fantastic
All from a cross of monkey and a cat

He eats the coffee cherry
Digests pulp, poops out the berry
And that's the bean the pickers all pick up

Once collected, well they grind it
And that's all there is behind it
And for that they charge you 50 pounds a cup

That's the latest, greatest story
From old London (from a Tory)
About the most expensive coffee that's around

If you don't care where it came from
Then I dare you just to drain some
As for me, I just don't think I'd keep it down


Palm Civet

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Dream of Mine

I wrote this for my wife for Valentine's Day.  I do not write very many romatic poems as they are the hardest to write.

You first were a dream of mine
I could not see your face
Nor the place or the time
But you first were a dream of mine

The scent of wild flowers in early spring
The song that you hear when the meadowlark sing
The glint of the snow in the winter sunshine
You first were a dream of mine

The softness of fur of a young kitty cat
The warmth of the sun on my back as I sat
The pleasure you get when you taste a fine wine
You first were a dream of mine

The sparkle and love that I saw in your eyes
As we passed by each other – Hellos and goodbyes
The brush of your hand sent chills up my spine
You first were a dream of mine

Now when I awake and you’re there by my side
I think back to that day when you first were my bride
And how dreams can come true as if by design
You first were a dream of mine

You first were a dream of mine
I could not see your face
Nor the place or the time
But you first were a dream of mine

Mdailey 02/04/10

Each Other

I wrote this for my wife for our anniversary.  however, I wrote it in September but our anniversary was not until 27 Dec and we were gone for the holidays so I forgot to give it to her until today.  She loved it anyway.

We can just stand here holding on to each other
Swaying to the music we don’t need any other
Reason –
To be squeezing
Each other

We can just listen to the music that they’re playing
Shuffling our feet, hardly even swaying
Teasing -
And just pleasing
Each other

I love you and you love me
And we both know what appears to be
Unfolding –
While holding
Each other

Mdailey 9/23/09

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Snow Cometh

This poem is dedicated to Jim Hixson and Joan Redfern for all the entertainment they have provided me with their comments and updates on the snlw conditions in DC this week.  Keep up the commentaries and I will keep up the poetry.
Tis true the snow has cometh
From out the Northern sky
And ere it riseth to my waist
My shovel I will ply
My back is in discomfort
I stoop and with a sigh
I look into the heavens
“Lord, stop this snow” I cry
But the snow, it keeps on falling
And I get no reply
So I’ll just go on digging
Till Spring comes by and by

Mdailey 02/09/10


For those of you having a hard time trying to decide what to give your sweetheart for Valentine's Day, here are some suggestions and the problems you might encounter with each.  You will have to decide for yourself if any of these suggestions are worth the effort.  Let me know what works for you.

I’d buy my wife some flowers
But she might have allergies
If so she would berate me
And knock me to my knees
And torture me incessantly
Each time she had to sneeze
I’d buy my wife some flowers
But she might have allergies

I’d buy my wife some earrings
But she’d question my intent
She’d think I’m feeling guilty
For someplace that I went
And I know that if I did so
She’d complain of money spent
I’d buy my wife some earrings
But she’d question my intent

I’d buy my wife some clothing
But she’d take it back I’m sure
I’d like her to dress frisky
She dresses more demure
And if I mis-guess sizes
That pain I can’t endure
I’d buy my wife some clothing
But she’d take it back I’m sure

I’d give my wife a diamond
But that’s just a lump of coal
That has been under pressure
In a deep and dark hole
And to give your sweetheart old rocks
She’d think me but a troll
I’d give my wife a diamond
But that’s just a lump of coal

I’d take my wife out dining
But we’d fight about just where
She’d say she can’t eat all of that
We should get something to share
But her tastes and mine are different
I’d find nothing I like there
I’d take my wife out dining
But we’d fight about just where

So I’m left with indecision
On what her gift should be
I’ve got to get her something
Or risk an injury
A card you’d buy from Hallmark
Well, that just isn’t me
So I hope that she will settle
From some heart felt poetry

Mdailey  4/30/08

Monday, February 8, 2010

Menopause Jewelry

This is one of those times when the gift is not appreciated in the same vein that it was given.  This was not a true story (at least it did not happen to me) but I liked the story and so decided to put it into rhyme.  Let me know if you like it.

My husband was unhappy
With my mood swings (large and growing)
So he bought for me a mood ring,
His affection clearly showing
He said this would allow him
To see the mood I’m in
And then to act accordingly;
That was so kind of him
He discovered that a good mood
Would make the ring turn green
But a bad mood left a frickin mark
On his forehead big and mean
I think he learned his lesson;
He learned it pretty fast
Next time he’ll buy me diamonds.
My husband – my dumb ass!

mdailey  (I don't remember exactly when this was written)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines’ Day Mascot

I wrote this a few years ago - I forgot to put the date down at the time.

I don’t understand why cupid
Represents Valentine’s Day
The guys who decided were stupid
Is pretty much all I can say
Whenever I think of romance
The last thing on my mind
Is a chubby winged toddler
With weapons of some kind
And while I am willing to do my portion
To honor the love of my life
Most men think of this day as extortion
And a Hall Mark day just for the wife
So as usual I'm not sending you flowers
And you're not even getting a card
But you know for the next several hours
I'll be thinking of you real hard


Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Day in History - Feb 4th

The year was 1959 – the Barbie Doll was born
Kids thought it just a doll – Critics called it porn
Created by Ruth Handler – a founder of Mattel
She named it for her daughter – was she endowed as well
And later when the Ken doll was brought into the light
She named it for her little boy – who never seemed quite right

The year was 1938 when Disney showed the world
What 7 little guys would do with one Snow White – a girl
They held her in a cabin way back in the woods
Made her cook and clean for them and pick up all their goods
Then somewhere in the story – she faked her own demise
A prince came to her rescue – the dwarfs were none the wise

The PLO was founded in 1969
Yasir thought it would unite divided Palestine
But peace – it did not happen and is not close at hand
They haven’t got a home yet – they just squat on Israel’s land

Patty Hearst was kidnapped in 1974
By the SLA from Berkley if you’re keeping score
They thought they had a gold mine with ransom money on the way
Then she showed up in the photos when they robbed the bank one day
Our Pat was disillusioned and so she joined the crew
And gladly fought against “the man” like all good terrorists do
But when the girl was captured she changed her sweet refrain
“I really didn’t have a choice – you know they washed my brain!”

Mdailey  02/04/08

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's Editorial - Dr. Murray

Dr. Murray

They picked up Dr. Murray
Manslaughter is the charge
They nabbed him at the airport
He no longer is at large
They say he killed our Michael
With his medical advice
And if he were to cop a plea
The fans would scream “NO DICE”
You see they have been clamoring
Since Michael was departed
They say this man’s been free too long
Let’s get the trial started
They said it was his needle
That produced a poison sting
That brought down our Pop Idol
That fans all thought the King
I’d say they’ve got the verdict
Already in their hand
They’re just waiting for Doc Murray
To finally take the stand

Mdailey 02/03/10


I can't believe I post all these poems and no one ever adds a comment. 

Women are Angels

A good friend of mine sent me the sentiment and I put it into rhyme for her.  I hope you like it.

Women are angels sent down with love
To hold us or scold us or all the above
Sure it’s hard to believe but you’d better not scoff
If you break their hearts, their wings will fall off
And without those wings, she’s an unhappy chick
Flying at you on her crusty broomstick
So as Valentine’s nears, you had better take care
So she’ll have those wings when she takes to the air

Mdailey 01/27/10


This is for all of you with significant others and no idea how to tell them how special they are on Valentine's Day.  Just pick one of the simple 4-line poems and give it to your sweetheart and you should be OK.  They have worked for me for the past 38 years with my wife.

Violets are blue
Roses are red
I forgot to say “love you”
This morning in bed.

Roses are red
Candy is sweet
Your loves keeps me going
And makes me complete

Roses are red
Violets are never
I married you once
But love you forever

Roses are red
But die off to soon
I’ll be thinking of you
From morning to noon

Roses are red
Violets are flowers
I’ve been thinking about you
For hours and hours

Roses are red
Violets – not quite
I’ve loved you forever
How bout tonight!

Roses are red
As I’ve told you before
I’ve loved you forever
Forever – and more!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
As the author intended
This means “I Love You”

Mdailey  02/14/06