Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bandelier Beauties

My wife has this favorite pair of shorts she likes to wear on our morning walks. The other day she casually mentioned that they were the same shorts that were in a picture we took at Bandelier National Park in New Mexico back in the late 70s. I was impressed.

My wife has these “Bandelier Beauties”
Blue shorts that she’s worn now for years
We’ve got pictures of her in her thirties
Those shorts have outlived all their peers
She’s worn them for all our vacations
The earliest – old Bandelier
The cliff dwellings that were abandoned
That New Mexico still holds so dear
She wore them when we were first living
In St. Louis and Lexington too
She walked in them there in Chantilly
And probably through Washington’s Zoo
My wife says they still serve their purpose
And now soft as costly cashmere
She wore them when she was just thirty
And now 60’s drawing quite near
As long as they’re still fit and comfy
And she doesn’t mind wearing antiques
She can put on those “Bandelier Beauties”
And continue this clothing mystique

Mdailey 08/29/09

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have to dedicate this poem to my good friend Charles. He has this thing about rabbits and seeing all the rabbits down here in Ocean Ridge, I could not help but think of him and how he would feel around them.

We got rabbits
And they’ve got the nasty habits
Of eating up most everything I plant
Sure they’re cuties
But it’s not due to their beauties
No – that is not the reason that I can’t
Shoot them?
Love to shoot them
Shoot all of those plant eaters that I saw
No – I wouldn’t
But it’s not because it’s so against the law
Wife? - - - I’ve
Got a wife, I’d
Just as soon she keeps on loving me
So rabbits?
We got rabbits
And I guess that’s just the way it has to be.

Mdailey 08/29/09

Flat Frog (in the middle of the road)

Flat frog in the middle of the road
It was a
Flat frog in the middle of the road
You could see his long legs
You knew he’s not a toad
It was a
Flat frog in the middle of the road

What had really happened
No one really knows
Was he simply crossing
And somehow he just froze
A motor car was passing
That somehow caught his toes
And left him there all big and flat
That’s how the story goes

You get a
Flat frog in the middle of the road
It was a
Flat frog in the middle of the road
You could see his long legs
You knew he’s not a toad
It was a
Flat frog in the middle of the road

Others looked just like him
Further down the street
Pressed against the pavement
Where road and tire meet
Crossing roads at night time
Is a normal froggy feat
But if he is not quick enough
It ends in a dead heat

And you get a
Flat frog in the middle of the road
It was a
Flat frog in the middle of the road
You could see his long legs
You knew he’s not a toad
It was a
Flat frog in the middle of the road

mdailey 08/28/09

My wife and I go walking almost every morning and this morning we both saw something in the road and at the same time said it was a FLAT FROG. I liked the sound of that so wrote a little story to go along with the sighting.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toad Stool

Hi! My name is Tipper
And I’m just a little pup
I don’t know what is going down
And I never know what’s up
But playing in the backyard
Of my own abode
I saw a brown and bumpy thing
They say it was a toad
I had never seen one
I did not know what to think
I crept up real close to it
To see if it would stink
I stared – he stared
I think we both were stumped
I twitched – he twitched
Then all at once he jumped
He lit upon my back – I yelped
I mean – what can I say
He turned off towards the bushes
And briskly hopped away
My master stood there laughing
I felt like such a fool
I left a little pile behind
She called that my toadstool

Mdailey - 6/18/09

I wrote this for Christy (Glanton) McKeag and her dog Tipper following just such an instance.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Gaming Boat

Last evening a few friends and I went on a little 4-hour cruise on a gaming boat. It was senior's night so for $10 we got a buffet meal and the opportunity to gamble while the ship went out to sea. The sea was calm, the weather nice and we all had a good time. I am not a gambler but enjoy watching all the games and slots as others tried their luck. Here is a little story I wrote to commemorate the event.

Gaming Boat

The evening was spent on a big gaming boat
And we sailed it out to sea
We got food, we got cards, we got dice, we got slots
And all of our drinks for a $10 fee
Big Paul sat down to a Keno machine
And played numbers he hoped were right
We left him just sitting at that Keno machine
And he sat there through all of the night
The girls they played that one-armed bandit
And played it till they could not stand it
They didn’t gamble all that rash
And didn’t lose a lot of cash
And when they went to check on Paul they’d find
He’s up a bit or just behind
But he sat right there where he first started
And still was there when they departed
Me – I roamed through the 4-hour trip
From stem to stern and slip to tip
Observing players and looking for stings
Up till the time the fat lady sings

The singer really wasn’t fat
I just simply made up that
It painted such a poignant scene
And fit in with this poet’s theme

The boat kept rocking to and fro
Till it was time for us to go
As we started back to shore
Moonlight was less, the stars were more
The wind died down to just a whisper
The night air got a little crisper
The buoys lit the way back home
Their light the only things that shown
Then all at once we’re at the pier
Let’s do it all again - - - Next Year!

Mdailey 08/26/09

Good Advice

I saw this good advice on a bulletin board but decided to put it into a rhyme.

Making Your Point

Be careful when trying to just make a point
Don’t make so sharp it will hurt you
Though you may be right and the others be wrong
Even friends could decide to desert you

Mdailey 08/25/09

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Humming Birds

We sat on our back porch stoop
To watch the humming birds
We were entranced by what we saw
And also what we heard
They hummed – I couldn’t catch the tune
They hummed – then they were gone too soon

They chased each other round the yard
They hovered like it’s not that hard
They’d fly at us then stop and stare
Like wondering just why we were there
They hummed – I couldn’t catch the tune
They hummed – then they were gone too soon

Then one would stop and eat awhile
And hover there in graceful style
Chirps and humming filled the air
We were the ones this time to stare
They hummed – I couldn’t catch the tune
They hummed – then they were gone too soon

So this evening when they came around
I went outside and stood my ground
One flew up close – right in my face
Hummed for me – then off he raced
They hummed – I couldn’t catch the tune
They hummed – then they were gone too soon

Mdailey 08/22/09

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Morning Walk

My wife and I each early morn
Walk two miles if there’s no storm
She walks under a cloud of scorn
Wishing the habit was never born

I really think she understood
How the walk would do us good
If we walk it like we should
But I’d like a smile if she could

Mdailey 08/22/09

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Days

The chirping of cicadas in the early morning light
Bring back pleasant memories of summer time delight
When you were just a school kid and had nothing all planned out
You spent your days like mine I’d guess, here’s what mine were about
You could sleep in late if you want to there’s no place you had to be
Its summer time and school is out and you’ve got the summer free
Head out to the ballpark for a pick-up game or two
Or maybe you’d go swimming; it’s really up to you
And when you’re getting hungry; head on home for lunch
Peanut butter – jelly – lemonade or punch
Leave something on the counter so Mom knows that you ate
And leave a note up on the fridge if you think you’ll be home late
You can leave the house each morning and stay out all day long
At first it might seem funny but that feeling soon is gone
If you get hot and thirsty and you did, heaven knows
You didn’t run back in the house, you grabbed the garden hose
You had to let it run awhile; that water would be hot
But soon it would run cool and clear and really hit the spot
You’d jump on your bicycle and ride for miles and miles
The exercise would do you good and the ride would bring you smiles
And as the day was ending; you’d hear the katydids
You’d know it’s time to say good night to all the neighbor kids
Then as the street lights flickered on; you’d hear your mother call
Time for you to head on home; REPEAT until its fall!

Mdailey - 07/16/09

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birds of Ocean Ridge

The birds of Ocean Ridge are varied as can be
Some as big as 4-year olds, some small as household keys

The tall ones are the herons, the tallest of them blue
They stand there at the pond’s edge to catch a fish or two
Stealthfully they inch out, eyes focused on the fish
Then all at once their beak strikes and they have another dish
They hurry back on to the bank, the fish caught in their throat
They scrunch their neck to let it pass, for the fish that’s all she wrote
And then the poor bird shudders, like my daughter eating peas
Then back down to the water’s edge as if to say “more, please”!

The smallest are the humming birds; all iridescent green
Darting now from bush to tree barely to be seen
Each day I grab my camera thinking this time I got her
As she hovers at our feeder imbibing sugar water
But when I click the shutter, I find I am mistaken
For I don’t see a humming bird in the pictures I have taken
But I’ll keep snapping pictures and if it takes all summer
I’m finally going to get a shot of that illusive hummer!

Mdailey 08/18/09

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Mushroom

While Pat and I were out walkinig this morning, we came upon a fresh clean lawn and there in the green, green grass stood one little pure white mushroom. We both noticed it at the same time and pointed out the "single little mushroom" to each other.

A single little mushroom
Standing in the grass
All alone he stands there
Just watching people pass
This single little mushroom
So white, so clean, so cool
Don’t insult the little guy
By calling him toadstool

Mdailey 08/18/09

Monday, August 17, 2009

Truth in Lending

We recently sold our home and the process of closing is getting more complicated each day. And in this day of buyers markets, what you find in closing costs paid by the seller is beyond belief.

There is no truth in lending
In real estate transactions
Closing costs are handled
To the buyer’s satisfactions
If you are just the seller
And it’s a buyer’s market
Closing costs are anywhere
The buyer wants to park it
But you really can’t complain
If your house is quickly sold
For that is not that typical
At least that’s what we’re told
But the hidden costs of closing
And the message that they’re sending
Is “all is fair – seller beware”
There is no truth in lending

Mdailey 7/25/09

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I came upon a hollow tree
Was that a little door I see
Hidden back within the hollow’s fold
A Hobbit home from days of old
Or a forest Fairies’ private dwelling
Carved out with a Fairies’ spelling
When walking in the Shire look down
You’d be surprised the things you found

Mdailey 08/16/09

We are going to build our new home in the Brookshire ares of Ocean Ridge. Pat and I take our walks over and around there and with a little imagination, you would be surprised with what you think you see.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gator on 15

We were walking on “Lions”, 15 - where they tee it
If a gator lives there then I wanted to see it
Pat said “see that log – that might just be it”

I laughed and I said that was no alligator
She said it might be and then two seconds later
It slid into the water – I didn’t debate her

We stopped in our tracks; we weren’t really that scared
But dire thoughts of gators were thoughts that we shared
So just to be safe, we just stood and stared

“Did you see that head, it was two feet at least”
And two feet of head meant one mighty big beast
So we watched the ripples till those ripples ceased

I told Pat I wanted a much closer view
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you
With that size of gator think what it could chew”

Now gators move fast from all that I read
So maybe I’ll just get my camera instead
Then I’ll use a zoom lens for a shot of that head

A gator on golf courses is such an icon
So with that thought settled, we finally walked on
But kept our eyes on the pond to be sure he was gone

Mdailey 08/12/09

We had heard rumors about a gator in the pond by the 15th tee box. We can now put that rumor to bed - it is a FACT.

it's rumored a gator lives down on 15
it's mostly just talk as it's so seldom seen
but Pat and I saw that big gator's head
for us you can just put that rumor to bed

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Backdoors and Flip-Flops

I’m hobbling around like a crippled old man
Protecting my hurt toe the best that I can
Of backdoors and flip-flops, I ain’t a fan
I’m hobbling around like a crippled old man

When wearing flip-flops and closing a door
Be careful where you place your foot on the floor
A door scrapped toe top results in such gore
When wearing flip-flops and closing a door

Broken? I doubt it, but it’s black and blue
Bloody? You bet-cha and quite painful too
I stepped in, the door closed, the next thing I knew
Broken? I doubt it, but it’s black and blue

I stood there in silence, not breathing at all
Hung tight to the washer not wanting to fall
Squeezed my eyes tightly so I didn’t bawl
I stood there in silence, not breathing at all

The moral of the story is “wearer beware”
Flip-flops leave toe tops exposed some out there
And damage to toe tops is painful I swear
The moral of the story is “wearer beware!”

Mdailey 08/11/09

I am sure all of you have at one time or another closed a door with your foot in the way so that the door scrapped your toe top and tore back your toenail. Well, I did that last evening. The pain was like a blinding light but I did not make a sound - just held my breath until I could focus on the problem. My toenail was pushed back and blood was starting to seep out. By the time I hobbled back to the bathroon shower, I had to pour blood out of the flip-flop and turn the shower on the toe until it stopped bleeding. My toe was (as still is a little) stiff and very tender. But I think I will survive to do it again. I just hope again does not come too soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Carolina Geese

It was quite a parade to say the least
It had to be a dozen geese
One by one in single file
The march went on for quite a while
And then they gathered right next door
Before a final grand encore
And in a flash they rose as one
Into the Carolina sun
This Carolina living’s fine
I think I’ll like retirement time

Mdailey 08/02/09

Back Yard Pond

Our new rental house is on a pond and every night we get seranated to sleep by the hundreds of frogs that get vocal as the sun goes down.

Our Backyard Pond

Those frogs out in our backyard pond
Do something for which I’m not fond
For just as that old sun goes down
Those frogs begin their night time sound
Some honk, some chirp, and some might bark
And it goes on all through the dark
It starts with one and then expands
Till it’s louder than a marching band
Then all at once it’s deadly quiet
But soon explodes into a riot
I’m hoping that some alligator
Will come along sooner than later
And gobble up some froggy parts
Like froggy legs and froggy hearts
And froggy voice box – froggy tongues
Then gobble up the froggy youngs
So that I can get a good night’s sleep
Without another froggy peep!

Mdailey 08/02/09

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Come to Jesus

I was listening to old Hank Williams songs before I went to bed and while laying there, I thought I would try my hand at an old time relegious song. I know I am no Hank Williams but i try.

Come to Jesus Song

Here is my “come to Jesus” song

It’s not too short, it’s not too long

It’s the one that I sing when I know I’ve done wrong

This is my “come to Jesus” song


Lord I was weak when I should have been strong

I am so sorry that I did you wrong

Take me back Jesus for with you I belong

That is my “come to Jesus” song

Lord I know that I’ve drifted away from the fold

My heart is weary, my heart is cold

But you’ll take me back is what I’ve been told

Here is my “come to Jesus” song


The spirit is willing but my flesh is weak

I don’t know the words that I ought to speak

But you promised to be there and your promise you keep

Here is my “come to Jesus” song


Temptations are plenty on life’s long, long road

But you’ll be beside me to lighten my load

For grace you have promised and grace you bestrode

Here is my “come to Jesus” song


Mdailey 08/05/09

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wildlife at Ocean Ridge

Wildlife at Ocean Ridge

I saw a quail crossing the parkway’s green divide
I knew it was a quail by the rhythm of its stride
He wasn’t in a hurry but quickly he did hide
This solitary quail I saw crossing the divide

Farther down the parkway was a squirrel in disguise
He was black and bushy and a mask covered his eyes
So unusual a squirrel, it caught me by surprise
This black and bushy squirrel in disguise

A big black Turkey Vulture standing on the brink
Walked down to the water’s edge to get himself a drink
He looked so very out of place, it made me stop and think
This big black Turkey Vulture needs to be put down in ink

There are turtles at the pool’s pond, watching them is fun
There had to be near 30, you never saw just one
Bread dropped into the water acts just like turtle chum
These mossy covered turtles just start coming on the run

There are so many heron right here on the site
You see dark blue and brown ones but the prettiest are white
They look awkward when they’re walking but are graceful in their flight
There are so many heron here on site

Of gators there are rumors, the golfers claim to see one
I see things in the water but they never seem to be one
It doesn’t have to be big, I’d settle for a wee one
Gator – should I see it, I hope I can outrun one

Mdailey 08/05/09