Monday, August 10, 2009

Back Yard Pond

Our new rental house is on a pond and every night we get seranated to sleep by the hundreds of frogs that get vocal as the sun goes down.

Our Backyard Pond

Those frogs out in our backyard pond
Do something for which I’m not fond
For just as that old sun goes down
Those frogs begin their night time sound
Some honk, some chirp, and some might bark
And it goes on all through the dark
It starts with one and then expands
Till it’s louder than a marching band
Then all at once it’s deadly quiet
But soon explodes into a riot
I’m hoping that some alligator
Will come along sooner than later
And gobble up some froggy parts
Like froggy legs and froggy hearts
And froggy voice box – froggy tongues
Then gobble up the froggy youngs
So that I can get a good night’s sleep
Without another froggy peep!

Mdailey 08/02/09

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