Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toad Stool

Hi! My name is Tipper
And I’m just a little pup
I don’t know what is going down
And I never know what’s up
But playing in the backyard
Of my own abode
I saw a brown and bumpy thing
They say it was a toad
I had never seen one
I did not know what to think
I crept up real close to it
To see if it would stink
I stared – he stared
I think we both were stumped
I twitched – he twitched
Then all at once he jumped
He lit upon my back – I yelped
I mean – what can I say
He turned off towards the bushes
And briskly hopped away
My master stood there laughing
I felt like such a fool
I left a little pile behind
She called that my toadstool

Mdailey - 6/18/09

I wrote this for Christy (Glanton) McKeag and her dog Tipper following just such an instance.

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