Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gator on 15

We were walking on “Lions”, 15 - where they tee it
If a gator lives there then I wanted to see it
Pat said “see that log – that might just be it”

I laughed and I said that was no alligator
She said it might be and then two seconds later
It slid into the water – I didn’t debate her

We stopped in our tracks; we weren’t really that scared
But dire thoughts of gators were thoughts that we shared
So just to be safe, we just stood and stared

“Did you see that head, it was two feet at least”
And two feet of head meant one mighty big beast
So we watched the ripples till those ripples ceased

I told Pat I wanted a much closer view
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you
With that size of gator think what it could chew”

Now gators move fast from all that I read
So maybe I’ll just get my camera instead
Then I’ll use a zoom lens for a shot of that head

A gator on golf courses is such an icon
So with that thought settled, we finally walked on
But kept our eyes on the pond to be sure he was gone

Mdailey 08/12/09

We had heard rumors about a gator in the pond by the 15th tee box. We can now put that rumor to bed - it is a FACT.

it's rumored a gator lives down on 15
it's mostly just talk as it's so seldom seen
but Pat and I saw that big gator's head
for us you can just put that rumor to bed

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