Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Gaming Boat

Last evening a few friends and I went on a little 4-hour cruise on a gaming boat. It was senior's night so for $10 we got a buffet meal and the opportunity to gamble while the ship went out to sea. The sea was calm, the weather nice and we all had a good time. I am not a gambler but enjoy watching all the games and slots as others tried their luck. Here is a little story I wrote to commemorate the event.

Gaming Boat

The evening was spent on a big gaming boat
And we sailed it out to sea
We got food, we got cards, we got dice, we got slots
And all of our drinks for a $10 fee
Big Paul sat down to a Keno machine
And played numbers he hoped were right
We left him just sitting at that Keno machine
And he sat there through all of the night
The girls they played that one-armed bandit
And played it till they could not stand it
They didn’t gamble all that rash
And didn’t lose a lot of cash
And when they went to check on Paul they’d find
He’s up a bit or just behind
But he sat right there where he first started
And still was there when they departed
Me – I roamed through the 4-hour trip
From stem to stern and slip to tip
Observing players and looking for stings
Up till the time the fat lady sings

The singer really wasn’t fat
I just simply made up that
It painted such a poignant scene
And fit in with this poet’s theme

The boat kept rocking to and fro
Till it was time for us to go
As we started back to shore
Moonlight was less, the stars were more
The wind died down to just a whisper
The night air got a little crisper
The buoys lit the way back home
Their light the only things that shown
Then all at once we’re at the pier
Let’s do it all again - - - Next Year!

Mdailey 08/26/09

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