Friday, August 7, 2009

Wildlife at Ocean Ridge

Wildlife at Ocean Ridge

I saw a quail crossing the parkway’s green divide
I knew it was a quail by the rhythm of its stride
He wasn’t in a hurry but quickly he did hide
This solitary quail I saw crossing the divide

Farther down the parkway was a squirrel in disguise
He was black and bushy and a mask covered his eyes
So unusual a squirrel, it caught me by surprise
This black and bushy squirrel in disguise

A big black Turkey Vulture standing on the brink
Walked down to the water’s edge to get himself a drink
He looked so very out of place, it made me stop and think
This big black Turkey Vulture needs to be put down in ink

There are turtles at the pool’s pond, watching them is fun
There had to be near 30, you never saw just one
Bread dropped into the water acts just like turtle chum
These mossy covered turtles just start coming on the run

There are so many heron right here on the site
You see dark blue and brown ones but the prettiest are white
They look awkward when they’re walking but are graceful in their flight
There are so many heron here on site

Of gators there are rumors, the golfers claim to see one
I see things in the water but they never seem to be one
It doesn’t have to be big, I’d settle for a wee one
Gator – should I see it, I hope I can outrun one

Mdailey 08/05/09

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