Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bandelier Beauties

My wife has this favorite pair of shorts she likes to wear on our morning walks. The other day she casually mentioned that they were the same shorts that were in a picture we took at Bandelier National Park in New Mexico back in the late 70s. I was impressed.

My wife has these “Bandelier Beauties”
Blue shorts that she’s worn now for years
We’ve got pictures of her in her thirties
Those shorts have outlived all their peers
She’s worn them for all our vacations
The earliest – old Bandelier
The cliff dwellings that were abandoned
That New Mexico still holds so dear
She wore them when we were first living
In St. Louis and Lexington too
She walked in them there in Chantilly
And probably through Washington’s Zoo
My wife says they still serve their purpose
And now soft as costly cashmere
She wore them when she was just thirty
And now 60’s drawing quite near
As long as they’re still fit and comfy
And she doesn’t mind wearing antiques
She can put on those “Bandelier Beauties”
And continue this clothing mystique

Mdailey 08/29/09

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