Friday, April 16, 2010

Turtle Baptism

True Story

He sprinkled me as if to say
I baptize you in my own way
You plucked me from impending danger
You a simple unknown stranger
You carried me to safer ground
I thank you sir. Now put me down
I usually travel slow and steady
Ever vigilant and ready
But you caught me unaware
Picked me up to who knew where
Because the move so frightened me
I sprinkled you with turtle pee
By the time you placed me on the grass
I was all prepared to just pass gas
With one more step, I would have snapped
I peed, I gassed, I would have crapped
You would have had a stain so brown
You’re lucky that you put me down
I thank you for your brave endeavor
But do not startle turtles – ever!

Yes, I survived another hurdle
Baptized by a Catholic turtle
Had it been a Baptist version
I’d have met complete immersion

Mdailey 4/16/10

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