Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Being Green

In honor of Earth Day on Thursday, 22 April.

Long ago it was first noted
And Kermit once was quoted
You know that it’s not easy being green
Back then he meant it racial
About the color of your facial
Today that’s really not what it would mean
It means stopping our abusing
All the energy we’re using
And cutting back on all of our excess
It means windmills on the hill side
Driving hybrids when you must drive
And staying close to home and going less
It means veggies that are home grown
Clothing that is home sewn
And bicycles as gifts for lazy kids
It means using things till they’re used up
No paper plates – no paper cup
And living as our grandpas did
It means shutting off the lights
Open windows for cool nights
And getting cozy when the cold nights come
Walking – feet upon the ground
Not a treadmill to be found
And playing board games when the day is done
Turning off that old TV
Turning down that cold AC
And recycling everything that you can not use
No frills, no fancy labels
Eating home at your own tables
Going green is something you must choose
And thus I must attest
Kermit said it best
It’s really not that easy “Being Green”

Mdailey   07/24/08

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