Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Spring - when thoughts of fancy - - -I have told you about a lot of action certain animals have been getting this spring.  Here are a few more.

By the way, I have two new features on the page that I do not know if they work or how they work and I am looking for a guinea pig or two to try them out.  One is a guest book where you just let the writer know you have been there and the other is an e-mail subscription to the page where you get notified when something is posted.

Be sure not to miss
What's next on the list
The ground hogs just out our back door
With a bump and a grind
What they have in mind
Is that other ground hog they adore
And the snakes in the grasses
Must do what sure passes
For love making while intertwined
And even the bees
Don't just sit with crossed knees
When other bees are of like mind

You can sure tell it's Spring
When all things do their thing
And little things we start to see
But we old married guys
Through the years have grown wise
And we know just what ain't going to be!

mdailey     4/10/2008

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