Friday, October 29, 2010

Hawaii - a day to day diary of our vacation


Day 1

We flew into Hawaii, my head was all stuffed
My eyes were all red and if that’s not enough
I sneezed, my nose ran, I sat by a large man
Welcome to Hawaii

We were greeted by rainbows, the biggest I’ve seen
While caught up in the traffic somewhere in between
The plane, the airport and where we were staying
But we were all safe and sound and done with our praying
Our room in the hotel was all grand enough
A great ocean view but my head was still stuffed
It was time for a meal so down to the street
We walked the block twice for something to eat
Got into bed and turned out the lamps
Drifted off to sleep and my leg muscles cramped
The pain was intense and I thought I would die
Bit down on a pillow so I wouldn’t cry
Welcome to Hawaii

Day 2
Alarm rang at 4, the sun’s not yet up
We walked over to Denny’s for our first morning cup
We then toured Pearl Harbor and the great Punch Bowl
Delight for the eyes and comfort for the soul

Day 3
Day three was for boarding and stowing our gear
Exploring the ship from front bow to rear
Finding our table down on deck two
And reading Fun Times to see what to do

Day 4
Day four – Honolulu – no excursions planned
So we hopped a trolley for the lay of the land
We ended up shopping at a big Hilo Hattie
One more day in this town and I will go batty
We finally set sail for our next island hop
To Nawiliwili, the small island’s stop
We signed up to snorkel in a quiet island bay
In wet suits and masks we were set for the day
But the waves just grew bigger – now 4 or 5 feet
And just getting past them some fell in defeat
The fish, they were few – breathing made my mouth sore
And two of us had to sit out on the shore
So back to the boat to rest and relax
Then get dressed for dinner in good shoes and slacks
And after our meal we sat down for the show
Then early to bed, we were tired you know
Welcome to Hawaii

Day 5
We woke up in Hilo for our day’s planned event
To the top Mauna Kea, up – up – up we went
Up at the top – 14 thousand high feet
The air was so thin our hearts fought to beat
The clouds were below us, obscuring our view
Cold, very cold, and the wind how it blew
The land all barren with rocks strewn all over
This was where NASA trained on the moon rover

Day 6
The next stop was Kona and you know that song
With the “Little Grass Shack”, well we all sang along
We passed by the bay where Captain Cook fell
And heard why it happened as the natives could tell
This was Hawaii as we thought it should be
Great views, great beaches with the graceful palm trees
Kings names and key places I couldn’t pronounce
And famed island coffee too costly per ounce
The “Palace of Refuge” where all could be safe
Walled off to separate great kings from the waif
And waves that came crashing up over the wall
That had to be one of the best ports of call
Welcome to Hawaii

Day 7 & 8
Day seven in Maui for two days of fun
From rainforest shade to white beaches sun
Day one found us hiking through a forest of green
Passing flowers and bushes like I’ve never seen
Avocadoes and guava just fell from the trees
But the slick muddy trails were hard on old knees
And after a hike of maybe a mile
We came to a spot where we’d rest for a while
A high waterfall with water so cold
That few ventured in, just the brave and the bold
Under the falls you could not see a thing
The water was blinding and carried a sting
Back to the van and a drive down the coast
We came, we swam, and on that we could boast
Day two there on Maui and another high peak
A 3000 foot crater – a view quite unique
Down, down from the mountain, through Maui’s great plain
Passed miles and miles of sweet sugarcane
To the great Iao Valley with its walls green and steep
A valley of kings where their ancestors sleep
And miles and miles of great sandy shores
Where surfers and campers enjoy the outdoors

Day 9 & Beyond
Day nine, we’re at sea – leaving islands behind
The week now a blur, a great one-of-a-kind
Now it’s eating and games and eating again
And blue that surrounds us with a constant east wind
Aloha to Hawaii

In the middle of nowhere but still right on track
We just passed the point where there’s no turning back
When the captain comes on and says travelers beware
The swells will get bigger – hang on on the stairs
We were clipping along right at 22 knots
And losing our balance in all the rough spots
But there’s a passenger needing immediate care
So we’ll be at full throttle in a rush to get there
Soon we dropped off the patient – southern Cal – in the bay
Then cruised south of the border that very same day
And in Encinitas our cruise came to an end
And I thought I was through with all that I’d penned
But we got up at four – on the buses by seven
Hit the Mexican border by maybe eleven
And then we just sat as the cars inched up the line
And crossing the border took way too much time
Our director was nervous – about going insane
We were greatly in danger of missing our plane
But we got to the airport and sorted out bags
Got them weighed, x-rayed, and labeled with tags
And finally we’re down to a 1 hour flight
You’d better believe we slept soundly that night

So let me recap – we did lots of stuff
And a week in Hawaii just isn’t enough
And five days at sea might be three days too long
But with family and friends, how could we go wrong
So maybe someday I’ll go back – get a lei
Drape it over my head and hear island folks say
Welcome to Hawaii

Mdailey 10/18/10

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