Saturday, October 30, 2010

NC Fall

On an early morning walk just the other day, I took a look around and composed this poem.  I hope someone likes it.  It was published in the Brunswick New Comers newsletter this past month.

The fog and the mist on a cool crispy morn
Rising off of the pond as a new day is born
The birds in the trees and the squirrels on the ground
Know deep in their hearts that Fall is around
Gazing out at the course from an old wooden bridge
That’s how my day starts here at Ocean Ridge
The golf carts are humming all qued up in line
As golfers await their early tee time
There are walkers and joggers and people on bikes
To name just a few of my favorite likes
If given a choice, it’s great to be here
In North Carolina this time of year

Mdailey 10/18/10

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