Monday, September 20, 2010

The Osprey

We had a pair of Osprey make a nest down the road from us.  They were the inspiration for this poem.  I started the poem, let it sit for awhile then added two new verses today.

A regal
Sea eagle
The Osprey
Who builds their nest high in the trees
With a beautiful view
Seen by so few
As they rest
In their nest
In the breeze.

They’ll be seen floating by
High in the sky
Over an Ocean Ridge pond
Then drop from the sky
Like a missile they’ll fly
For this dish of a fish they are fond

To their nest they’ll retreat
With a fish in their feet
To share with the young in their nest
Then it’s back on a limb
Both the her and the him
To enjoy a well needed rest

Mdailey 7/3/10 – 9/20/10

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