Monday, September 20, 2010


With football season now in full swing and basketball not far behind, I thought it good to give Denver it's due.  When the upgraded their stadiums a few years back, they had the ladies comfort in mind.
In Denver the women have spoken
They won themselves more than a token
They have twice the seating
Whenever they’re meeting
The old one-for-one ratio’s been broken

We’re not talking about seats on the floor
But those behind closed restroom doors
They chose to consider
The “stander” - the “sitter”
And how long it takes for those chores

The women had power to wield
And in Denver the builders did yield
They didn’t encumber
Gals by the number
Of rest rooms at Invesco Field

And girls when they enter
The new Pepsi Center
Have less waiting when their nature calls
They took into account
Your attire and amount
Of time you take in restroom stalls.

So gals quit your griping
Your digs and your sniping
To your wishes we have requisted
You have plenty of room
To relieve or to groom
At the convention you should be well rested


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