Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rocket Man

With the talk about who just made it into the Hall of Fame and who still deserves or does not deserve to be in, I thought I would post a poem I wrote a couple of years ago on Roger Clements.  Is that how you spell his name?
He’s headed for the Hall of Fame
Cooperstown – America’s game
Then all at once we start to hear
He’s taken needles in the rear
All to make his muscles grow
When asked in court, he told them “NO”
But evidence was gaining speed
To lots of folks, that’s all they need
To keep him from the Hall of Fame
For disrespect to America’s game

Then just as this was dying down
Another flaw in him was found
This pitcher with the rocket arm
Had fallen for a young girl’s charm
She’s a singer of some note
There’s evidence of checks he wrote
He’s known her since she was fifteen
Statutory – some folks scream
She claims it all has been platonic
His downfall’s now gone supersonic

Others now are speaking up
He doesn’t keep it in his cup
The man with children numbered four
Ain’t all defense – sometimes he’ll score
It’s said he’ll leave keys in the lobby
For women friends to share his hobby
This talk is getting out of hand
This isn’t how he had it planned
He fears he’ll make the Hall of Shame
Not Cooperstown – the Hall of Fame

Mdailey     5/01/08

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