Monday, August 30, 2010


I saw a notice on Orchids and felt compelled to respond. While I think all golfers have a hole like that every once in a while, very few announce it publically on Orchids. This golfer has made all other golfers feel good about their game with that confession. I hope you enjoy the little poem I wrote for you on it.


Woe is the golfer who after two strokes
Is not passed the tee of the feminine folks
Whose drive hits the marker and takes a right turn
And his shot from the rough is a major concern
So he’s sitting at three and not yet passed the tee
Woe is a golfer like that

Can there be any penalty greater than shame
An open confession on Orchids with name
Don’t be hard on yourself, there is no one to blame
A hole such as that is just part of the game

Mdailey 8/30/10


Orchid notice - - -
What good is retirement living, if you can't occasionally laugh at yourself. I find myself in uncharted waters and I need wisdom. We all know what the generally accepted penalty is for men who fail to hit their drive past the women's tee. My question is what is the penalty when after hitting your drive and then your second shot (not from the tee) you still are not past the women's tee.

Yes, on hole 17 of Panthers (I know it’s a Par 3) my 5 iron drive hit the yellow tee marker and went right over the cart path in the direction of "The Schuster's) but was still in play. My 7 iron second shot was out of "the Dante's Inferno" rough and landed short of the women's tee and I took a 6. I then went on to bogey the 18th and post a marvelous 101. If anyone has knowledge as to the appropriate penalty, or has experienced a similar fate I would appreciate their input.

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