Friday, August 13, 2010


I am not political by nature but some things lend them selves to poems.  I started this back when Bush was in power and ended it with all the good Barack has brought to the game of economy.

They say that with the surplus that Bill Clinton left George Bush
He was firmly planted on third base just waiting for the push
That would have him score the winning run – George Bush that run did squoosh

For the intelligence that got him there was gone without a trace
And George Bush had a brain storm that left him staring into space
Then George Bush thinking for himself, ran back to second base

And when the dust was settled and his plan had emersed
It was clear to all of us, these moves were not rehearsed
And then twas no surprise to us, George Bush stole back to first

So there he stands and so stand us
Not knowing who to hear or trust
With economy that has gone bust

Then up at bat now comes Barack
Who says Bush plan was just a crock
It’s now my game so watch we rock

And now Barack has had his day
He stepped right up into the fray
What do you know – a triple play!

Game Over!

Mdailey     08/13/10

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