Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Down on the Gulf

No explanation needed for this latest poem on the oil spill.

Down on the gulf
A storm is a brew’en
The pipeline is broken
The oil just a spwe’en
No matter the fix
Those folks are pursue’en
It doesn’t look like
They know what they’re do’en

Yea, down on the gulf
The boats aren’t a fish’en
The oil’s in the way
On the waves it’s a swish’en
So fish are all dying
And it ain’t from attrition
And cleaning the gulf’s
Now a world-wide mission

Yea, down on the gulf
The world is just waiting
While those in high places
Are simply debating
The blame for the spill
And what it’s creating
To tell you the truth
This is just so frustrating

Mdailey 7/1/10

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