Friday, August 13, 2010

Steve Slater / Jet Blue

I could not help myself.  This guy was all over the news and everyone was polorized as to what they thought of him.  I can see it from both sides but this one makes the better poem.

Just who is this guy – Steve Slater
You know the guy from Jet Blue
Who just had enough
Of their BS and stuff
And told all those travelers “F You!”

Now Trump says this guy is a wacko
To others a hero they say
He just made it clear
He had it “to here”
And just popped at the end of the day

Once landed and on the loud speaker
He gave them a piece of his mind
Grabbed some beer from the cart
And made his depart
Down the chute sliding on his behind

Jet Blue will now fire this attendant
For letting things get out of hand
For the chute he deployed
That got them annoyed
Will cost them at least 20 grand

Mdailey 8/12/10

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