Friday, August 27, 2010

Age = Karma

This friend of mine posted a story of how she beat a bunch of senior citizens to the prescription counter in a CVS and how bad she fealt after she cut them off.

The bus pulled in the parking lot
The seniors all got out
Like a bunch of slow old turtles
They began to move about
They were headed into CVS
To get prescriptions filled
They were bound to slow me down no doubt
My own resolve was chilled
I tried to get around them
But I couldn’t find a path
If each one took five minutes
I mean – you do the math
So I took another isle
I knew they wouldn’t take
Greeting cards and pampers
So these old folks I did shake
I skidded into first place
At that prescription desk
I had beat those blue-haired ladies
With my medical request
And then it finally hit me
How shameful I had been
To make these blue-haired ladies wait
While I just butted in
So sheepishly I slunk away
Ahead, but clothed in guilt
And thought about the Karma
That I, myself, just built
How long until some youngster
His own story told
How he cut in front of me
Cause I’d grown slow and old

Mdailey 8/26/10

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