Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Selling Off Roy Rogers

this is another poem first published on facebook on the day the auction was announced.

They’re selling off Roy Rogers
His stuff is Christie’s bound
They had moved it all to Branson
Now they’ve shut the museum down
You know they stuffed old Trigger
Then Bullet was stuffed too
They didn’t stuff Roy Rogers
They heard it was taboo
And even Dale’s sweet Buttercup
Is on the auction block
Someone may want them in their den
And there’s other stuff in stock
Remember how Pat Brady
Chased Roy in Nellybelle
Well that jeep’s now on sale
You can bid on that as well
Or how bout Roy’s cowboy boots
They’re bronzed – about $4 grand
And pictures of our Roy and Dale
Taken on their land
And if you’re into baseball
Roy had signed balls
By many Hall of famers
In shelves upon his walls
If you want a piece of Roy
Or the horse he rode in on
Get your bids somehow to Christie’s
Before the stuff is gone

Happy Trails to you
Until we meet again

Mdailey 7/13/10

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