Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Border Crossings

With the advent of the new Arizona law, the subject of borders and the crossing thereof is back in the news.
"Every person in Congress has an idea of how we can secure our border." "Some say, 'Well, all we have to do is build a fence.' At first they wanted to do a 10-foot fence. Now it's 16 feet. Now people come with a 17-foot ladder. So somebody said, 'Well, why don't we put a moat around it and rebuild it and put alligators in it, and that will make it more secure." 
Of course I had to weigh in with my thoughts on the subject as well.

Border Crossings

We’ve got a border to secure
To keep bad folks out I’m sure
But a fence it must endure repeated breechings
And every him and her
In Congress with a cure
Says our plans are immature and keep on screeching
A 10 foot fence is no deterrent
Sixteen’s the thinking current
But bring a ladder and that’s all she wrote
So maybe alligators
Water too high for hip-waders
We’re thinking maybe we should build a moat

So let’s just build the fence in pairs
In between we’ll stuff with bears
Who’ll scare off most and eat up all the rest
And electrify the wire
Turn the power each day higher
Survival of the fittest at its best
So what’s each mile going to cost?
The calculations all been lost
But they say they’re going to figure out the bill
It started out at three
But grew from there you see
The latest number’s something like 6 Mil

And 6 million for each mile
Will add up after while
I mean the border’s 700 miles long
But that’s just the Southern fence line
We’ve a North one to build in kind
Can’t we see that something has gone wrong?
Just what are we protecting?
What lose are we projecting
And every day the cost just seems to double
No matter what we do or say
They’ll get across them anyway
Why should we even go to all this trouble?


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