Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When given a copy of a report on collecting methane gas from cows as a renewable source of energy, one of our action officers mentioned that - - - As a mater of fact, I was involved in a similar project about 15 years ago, although we were using chicken shit and pig shit. Lots of that in Eastern shore and N. Carolina. World wasn't ready for the project, which we imported from the UK, and it died. No support from Corporate or Ag department, although did get a grant from state of West Virginia, and installed a pilot project there for $300k which rapidly turned into a $1.2M project and that's why Corp pulled the plug. And in true real business fashion, all parties involved except me were "let go" after squandering $900k dollars of profit.

Be it cow, pig or chicken
A poop pile will thicken
When left out too long in the sun
As the crap decomposes
It makes one supposes
Just what all these gasses could run
Well it seem our own Jack
Has knowledge and knack
On research that's already done
So it's obvious to me
He's our Poop Pile POC
For in crap, he is second to none!

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