Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Billions of Dollars

Defense Department cannot fully account for $7.8B spent in Iraq By Dan Friedman CongressDaily May 22, 2008. that was the headline a couple of years ago.  This week we had almost the same headline but for Afaganastan and the money has gone up.

We’ve paid Billions of Dollars out there in Iraq
Billions of dollars we’ll never get back
Billions of dollars whose papers we lack
Billions of dollars they say
Billions of dollars for service and goods
Billions of dollars of what ifs and coulds
Billions of dollars in bad neighborhoods
Billions of dollars they say

We’ve got guys out there toting suitcases of cash
Handing out money both ruthless and rash
Money that’s going away in a flash
Billions of dollars they say

And we haven’t got paperwork to back up these buys
Haven’t got paperwork to explain whats and whys
Haven’t got paperwork from none of these guys
Billions of dollars they say

The GAO IG just threw up his hands
Threw out the cases, threw out the plans
Billions, like water thrown out on the sands
Billions of dollars they say

Are there steps being taken to stem this cash flow
Steps being taken to soften the blow
Steps being taken (the answer is NO)
Billions of dollars they say

Mdailey    05/23/08

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