Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Lights Turn Green

I just read an article in the Audubon magazine on how a brothel in Berlin, Germany’s red light district is going green by offering a five-euro discount (about $7 American) to any client that arrives via bike or public transportation and can prove it with a helmet, lock, or valid ticket. The incentive is bringing in 3-5 new clients daily as well as decreasing traffic congestion in the area.
Red lights have gone dim on their street
And the girls have few patrons to greet
They must get the hoi polloi
To the things they enjoy
If they’re going to make both ends meet
To battle economy blues
A brothel in Berlin did choose
To give a discount
To those who did mount
A bike just to get to their muse

The bikers’ reaction was quick
Every Tom, every Harry and Dick
Now the red light’s turned green
And success can be seen
The incentive is turning the trick

Mdailey 7/18/10

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