Monday, July 12, 2010

Marble David

Before you read this poem, bare in miind that I have and use my poetic license when I write these things.  That means I may occassionally imbellish the truth or diminish the truth, depending on the entertainment quotient I am seeking.  I do not write to enlighten you or educate you, I write to give you something to think about or discuss.  so here is one of my latest.  If you are reading this, drop me a live via facebook or my email as I have come to the conclusion that no one reads these blogs anymore.


I think about that statue
That Michelangelo sculped
And when I look in a mirror
I see David and I gulped
Oh, I could have been the model
When old Mike sculped him
You add a muscle here or there
And sculp me a little trim
You might think that it’s all ego
Sure, I’ll admit to some
But me and marble David
Where alike when I was young
I’ve even got the pose down
And I think it do it well
Compare we two in silhouette
There’s no difference you can tell
Face-to-face, he’s somewhat taller
In feet – he’s seventeen
And there’s bound to be some differences
In parts you haven’t seen
But me and marble David
Are so very much alike
If I had been around back then
He’d have named it Marble Mike

Mdailey 7/11/10

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